Let Austin Decide!

It is time to let the voters decide what kind of Austin they want.

IndyAustin is here to assist you – the voters of Austin – to exercise your inherent rights as citizens to petition for a public vote.

These petitions are now underway! Don’t be a fence-sitter– get on the petition wagon, coming soon to your neighborhood!


Boot Adler and His Sucker Stadium!

Petition kick off for soccer stadium subsidies in Austin

Imagine this, Austin! Imagine that the City of Austin wants to increase fees for swimming pools, which are part of the city park and...

Klep Blog

Hot Air Adler

Lot of Hot Air Adlerisms
It was all over media last Friday that Precourt's soccer team (The Crew) has been sold. And they're staying in Columbus! Now, were you surprised Adler and his sucker stadium pals sold Austin out using copious amounts of HOT AIR ADLERisms?

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IndyAustin.org is a specific purpose political action committee filed with the City of Austin set up to support the petition drives posted on our home page.

Donations to us are not tax-deductible.

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