Our Mission

Our mission is building community collaborations through education about civic duty. Organizing voters across party, geographic and all other divides to form a more perfect union for political reform and fiscal accountability.

What we do

IndyAustin is dedicated to providing citizens their most powerful tool guaranteed by the Texas constitution – the right to petition for a public vote when their local government fails them. In so doing, we are firmly committed to building cross-partisan alliances with folks who vote in either party primary, who identify with a minor party or simply describe themselves as an “independent voter” who votes for the person, not the party.

Who we are

Indy Austin is a registered specific-purpose political committee with the city of Austin. We do not endorse candidates. Donations are not tax-deductible.

IndyAustin PAC Board

Linda Curtis

Board of Directors

Linda Curtis, longtime independent political activist and petition ace who co-led the campaign for “10-1”, including the first independent citizens redistricting commission in Texas to draw the lines.

David Jones

Board Of Directors

David Jones, an accomplished, dynamic Health and Wellness Advocate. He is an Air Force veteran. David has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. He previously worked as a Code Enforcement Assistant, Licensed Insurance Agent, and HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention Specialist.

Before IndyAustin

There’s a long history of citizen petition drives in Austin – from the Save Our Springs initiative in 1992, to challenging the city’s 1995 “emergency” baseball stadium, to the “Austinites for a Little Less Corruption” drive for campaign finance reform in 1997, to the “Stop Domain Subsidies” measure in 2008, and to the “10-1” petition in 2012 for geographic representation on City Council that created the first independent citizens redistricting commission in Texas.

Be sure to watch our slide show and contact us to get involved.

To reach us

Call at 512-535- 0989, text 512-657- 2089, or email us at contact@IndyAustin.org.

Want to Volunteer?

We have regular meetings but contact us to get on the “Invite to Events” list.