Yes, finally Mayor Steve Adler pulls CodeNEXT. it’s great BUT, media coverage today indicates that Austin voters and neighborhoods will have the unify the city. Because the Mayor’s majority is still throwing down. Watch these clips and tell us we’re wrong. We’ll try to show these tonight at the pub too.

Come celebrate tonight — 6:30 to 8:30 pm at The Local Post Pub, 7113 Burnet. (Program starts at 7:15). Facebook Event page here.

Watch these two short clips!!!

We taped this KEYE-TV interview with Bill Bunch yesterday. Remember, Save Our Springs was a supporter of the petition drive on CodeNEXT. Bill was one of the attorneys who won our court battle. Bill explains how Austin can now move forward as a community. Then, watch the next clip — with Adler majority still at war — especially District 6 Jimmy Flannigan.)

Adler pulls CodeNEXT

Bill Bunch of SOS explains how Austin can now finally move forward together to deal with changes to the land development code — do it incrementally and respect Austin!

In this clip from KXAN-TV at 1:27 note District 6, Jimmy Flannigan, make an outlandish claim that Austinites never wanted to do anything at all for 30 years on transportation and development solutions. Uh, how about decades of attempts to get the Council to do help Austin’s growth pay for itself, Jimmy? (Just some of this work is parked here.)

Austin pals, rich, middle and poor, come on over tonight to get one of these $100 Adler bills. We have lots more work to do now that we’ve got momentum. Sucker Stadium next, then November!

(PS If you can’t make it tonight, sign in to volunteer and/or send a donation to IndyAustin, PO Box 41479, Austin, TX 78704 or donate online here.)