Adler Whines, Real Estate Cronies Dine & Sucker Stadium Subsidies in $100s of Millions are Just Fine!

Mayor Steve Adler has yet to respond to the press release issued by IndyAustin last Friday, “Steve Adler’s Land Empire, aka S.A.L.E.” The release paints another picture of Mayor Steve Adler by showing the Adlers have:

“…financial interests tied to at least 71 properties in Travis, Williamson and Hays Counties. Those properties are currently assessed at $319 million (see this map). These extensive property interests pose ethical challenges to conducting such city business as deciding where to increase zoning densities or where to spend transportation bonds, to name just a few issues.”

Instead, the Adler campaign counter-attacked IndyAustin on Saturday in an email with the subject line: “Under Attack from Outside Austin.”

Linda Curtis, a co-founder of IndyAustin and longtime independent political activist said,

“Steve Adler and his cronies at City Hall are a bunch of whiners for the Growth Machine and try to divert voters’ attention while he is throwing $100s of millions in property tax exemptions to a California millionaire by the name of Anthony Precourt for a sucker stadium. This is what he sounds like to us.”

David King, a neighborhood leader from the Zilker neighborhood said,

“The Statesman editorial board is supporting a YES on Prop J, to reserve voters’ right to vote on CodeNEXT or its next iteration. Meanwhile the Mayor and his team try to defeat the measure and using the so-called ‘progressive’ media to do their dirty work for the Austin growth machine. The growth machine wants one thing. They want to build the megalopolis between Williamson and Bexar counties, come hell or high water – pun totally intended.”

The so-called ‘progressive” Austin Chronicle
didn’t just start fighting petitioners in this election.

They fought petitioners in 1997, urging Austin voters to vote no on campaign finance reform put forth by “Austinites for A Little Less Corruption.” Petitioners won at 72%. In 2008, the Chronicle fought petitioners attempts to stop The Domain luxury shopping mall subsidies – petitioners lost at 48%. In 2012, the Chronicle fought petitioners again when Austin passed 10-1 and the first and only independent citizens redistricting commission in Texas. Petitioners for 10-1 won at 60%.

On Saturday, IndyAustin released their scorecard urging Austin voters to vote for Laura Morrison for Mayor, and to vote for a candidate (Valadez or Almanza) to replace District 3, Pio Renteria, to oppose Danielle Skidmore in District 9 with Linda O’Neal or Kathie Tovo, and to support Mitra Avini, a rising star in District 1.

For more information call 512.535.0989 or email us at

Watch IndyAustin short-video, “Hot Air Adler” for a list of reasons IndyAustin urges voters to Boot Adler and his Sucker Stadium.

IndyAustin is circulating this scorecard of Morrison v. Adler out on Facebook.

Volunteers can join petitioners at the early polls to gather signatures for the right to vote on the Stadium deal. Volunteers are also passing out IndyAustin scorecards. Call or text us at 512.657.2089.