Adler’s Rushed Stadium a Transparency Nightmare
For Immediate Release

August 14, 2 pm, Austin: IndyAustin, a local specific purpose political action committee dedicated to the rights of Austin voters to vote on the “big ticket items,” sounded the alarm last week about the Mayor’s rushed “sucker” stadium. There is a yet another Special Meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, August 15, about the deal with a definite vote set 11:30 am. That vote could send the stadium deal into the backrooms of City Hall to be negotiated and executed by the City Manager. If Mayor Adler lines up a majority vote for this Special Meeting language tomorrow, the deal will never come back for final approval by the City Council. The posting reads:

“Authorize negotiation and execution of agreements with Precourt Sports Ventures, LLC, or its affiliates…”

David Jones, co-founder of IndyAustin who lives in Council Member Greg Casar’s District 4 said, “I believe we have many good people on this Council, but they are operating in a process polluted by unscrupulous huckster lobbyists. So far, we’ve seen three different development proposals, one offering 843 affordable housing units at McKalla Place. But the Mayor has been in such a rush, the city is about to close off any options at McKalla other than a private soccer stadium. I am one of the few African Americans left in Austin. I am also a renter barely holding on within a few miles of McKalla. I am fed up and I am mad as hell!”

District 9 resident, Lauren Johnson, who volunteers with IndyAustin, said, “What surprises me is how my council member, Mayor Pro-tem Kathie Tovo, has handled the soccer stadium deal. She hasn’t responded to my messages, and this has me confused.”

IndyAustin co-founder, Linda Curtis, received this Tweet during last Thursday’s 8-hour meeting on the rushed stadium deal.

The Tweet claims that a number of Council members, along with Mayor Steve Adler, received significant donations from “Precourt lobbyist companies, partner companies and employees.”

Curtis said, “Honestly, because of the rush, we haven’t had the time to complete our research in order to confirm or deny these numbers. But, there is definitely a smoking gun when this information is in the public domain, and no one has denied it. The closing period for Council Member’s campaign finance reports was June 30th. The public won’t see another report until October 6. So, tomorrow we are asking Council members to disclose how much they have taken from Precourt related lobbyists and their companies, including since June 30th. If they don’t disclose this information, they should abstain from tomorrow’s vote.”

IndyAustin urges the media to contact officials from all taxing authorities to ask them where they stand on Adler’s motion to put the stadium negotiations and execution into a closed door “Transparency Nightmare.” Media is also urged to ask them how they feel about the potential loss of significant tax dollars by building a stadium instead of housing. Call Travis County, AISD, ACC and Central Health officials.

IndyAustin and others will be observing the proceedings starting tomorrow at 9:30 at Austin City Hall.