We want to make sure you didn’t miss The Austin Bulldog’s thorough-going update of the problems, and proposed solutions, at Central Health. Ken Martin’s excellent investigative articles — to us here at IndyAustin — begs the question as to whether Austin is indeed a shining emerald city for only the rich and healthy.

We also continue to admire the work of intrepid attorneys working pro-bono in the public interest on this issue — Fred Lewis and Bob Ozer.

It is our sincere hope that Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt and the entire Commissioners Court place clear demands on Central Health for full financial accountability. What’s at stake? The lives of the poor and sick, to be sure — and potentially the political careers of those who continue turning their heads. Note:  Since IndyAustin is not designed to support candidates (we only do ballot measures) this is not a political threat. It is a logical warning to good people working in a bad system.

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