Next Monday, July 2, the Austin corporate Ds, on your dime, will meet petitioners in court hoping to deny you your right to vote on CodeNEXT. Be there on Monday if you can.

Lady justice will soon see why petitioners filed suit for your right to vote on CodeNEXT

Petitioners filed suit for your right to vote on CodeNEXT

COURT HEARING on CodeNEXT petition, MONDAY, July 2, at 9 AM in the 419th Civil District Courtroom. This is the courtroom of Judge Orlinda Naranjo at 1000 Guadalupe. Please remember that this is a courtroom. Be there as a calm and respectful observer.

At yesterday’s Council meeting, there were people out in force supporting $250-300M housing bonds that were part of the billion dollar bond proposal. However, in this Statesman article, Council member Ora Houston was reported as having tried to strike a balance to protect affordability by ratcheting down the price tag. But, true to form, Council member Ann Kitchen was leading the majority to support the full $925M bond proposal. So far they’re all in one big pot of Council stew. It’s coming back again in August.

Mind you, at 3:45 am Mayor Steve Adler was also there to say, “I believe there is a good deal to be made here.” This was on subsidizing a soccer stadium! Statesman report here. This was despite this warning letter the city attorney received from Bill Aleshire about the potential illegality of what they’re doing.

Ironically, this “Never Give Up” T-shirt was put on display yesterday in an email blast for the Adler reelection campaign. Go ahead, get one and get a marker to write in, “on selling out Austin”, or whatever you wish.

Meanwhile, when you’re not out of the heat

Read these articles in The Austin Bulldog — they might get you a little hot under the collar:
Charter Revisions Flushed Down the Drain. And for your continued irritation: Petition Problems a City Invention

IndyAustin continues searching for ways to help you peacefully put a foot on the neck of the Austin corporate Ds. The next opportunity will be to make the Council separate out this bond proposal. Then, they should be asked to answer a bevy of questions about what kind of bang for your bucks are expected. But, you have to ask the questions, Austin! We will help you figure this out before you vote in November.

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