Breaking news from the Statesman: Expert says Austin City Council ‘secret’ meeting is a “ridiculous” violation of open government law 

The city of Austin has lost its way in so many ways.

Last week, one of our petitioners, Lucas  — a 24-year old recent graduate — was kicked off city property by six security people, two of them armed. Lucas was sitting at this petition table 30 feet from the door outside of Palmer Events Center. The city is claiming — with a straight face — that the outside of this publicly owned facility “becomes private when someone rents the inside”.

Lucas was sent 150 feet from the door to the “free speech area” next to Barton Springs Road.

Austin Mayor Steve Adler also appears to be spinning a story that holding a public vote on CodeNEXT is an affront to democracy! We kid you not. Read our posts linked below for more.

Here’s how you can help the most right now.

We have plans to blast the CodeNEXT petition next week to 100,000 registered Austin voters, including via regular mail. Remember, the petition must be signed on paper — it’s not an online petition.

Be sure to print and sign the petition for a public vote on CodeNEXT — here’s the page to find it.

Don’t have a printer? Send us an email with your mailing address.

Read the latest from the Klep Blog:

Is a voter revolt over due in Austin — where we come together across party lines like we did on 10-1? You know it is. That is why we created IndyAustin to help you do just that.

Now, get on with it Austin. Take back your city.

Working feverishly for an independent Austin!

PS: Are you fast on a keyboard? We need lots of help reviewing signatures. Call us at 512.535.0989 to volunteer!