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We are considering doing a petition to reserve your right to vote on a $375,000,000 taxpayer giveaway Precourt Soccer Stadium in May 2019. This “Sucker Stadium” deal is currently being negotiated in secrecy and will be executed in the DARK, thanks to Mayor Steve Adler.

Today, we’re wondering why bother since you could just save us the time and expense by giving Adler the boot this November.

Did you happen to catch the Mayor on KVUE’s, “Monday with the Mayor” yesterday? The Mayor repeatedly called Propositions J & K “a joke.” And then

Snouldn't you boot Adler?

Does the Mayor have a problem seeing in the dark?

proceeded to confuse them. Note: Prop J is the CodeNEXT petition and Prop K is the Efficiency Audit, not the way Adler had them swtiched. Watch this 5 minute KVUE clip. ►

Tell us if you think the Mayor might also have some confusion counting zeros.

Let’s see, IndyAustin spent about $80,000 on getting Prop J (CodeNEXT) on the ballot. If you vote YES on Prop J, you will secure your right in the future to vote on a comprehensive change in the land development code that involves BILLIONS (that’s at least 9 zeros, Mayor!) in development decisions.

So, here’s our question for you, dear Austin. Should IndyAustin try to raise the money it takes to do a stadium petition drive or might we do best getting 100,000 of these buttons out across Austin?

The Mayor goes on to cry “dark money” was used for both petitions. Sorry, might this be the kettle calling the pot black?!

By the way, IndyAustin reports the names on all donations above $50, as per campaign finance requirements.

Does the Mayor really have a hard time counting zeros? Or maybe it’s just that he can’t see in the dark.

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