Do the Buy Back Austin Two-Step and get Betty White and Austin off that wrecking ball, y’all!

A petition signer and father of two identified himself yesterday at the County Clerk’s Office as a “downtown resident who pays the highest taxes in Austin.” He continued as he signed the petition, “I can’t even get in and out of my building”, referring to the downtown traffic related to South by Southwest.

If you think Dale Watson was right when he said, “Austin Sold Itself“, how ’bout you doing the BUY BACK AUSTIN TWO-STEP?

We need your help to finish the petition drive for your right to vote on CodeNEXT.

Do the Buy Back Austin Two-Step Today through next Monday!

  1.  Donate whatever you can online today, (or send a check to IndyAustin, PO Box 41479, Austin, TX 78704, and
  2.  Volunteer at your local library this Saturday from 12 to 5. Fill this out.

The Mayor and Council could put CodeNEXT on the ballot themselves but they won’t. Instead, last week City Legal leaked a memorandum to justify lawyering-up to fight against your right to vote on CodeNEXT this coming November.

We have had to threaten to sue the City twice for the right to petition at public locations. What does that tell you as to how important CodeNEXT is to the Austin powers that be? We not-so-fondly call them the Austin Growth Machine. Soon, we will start naming names, though you already know many of them.

In the meantime, think about what City’s willingness to even entertain Amazon’s new headquarters coming here really means. Area residents are already in an uproar about the multiple wrecking balls seen throughout the area. And, with this petition filed soon, the real buy back — with a public vote on CodeNEXT — is fully engaged.

We’re not backing down, but we need your backing to finish. We need hundreds more signatures. And we need thousands more dollars to cover processing costs.

Do the Austin Two-Step! Volunteer, Buy Back Austin and get Austin and Betty White off that wrecking ball, y’all!

And, please keep handing in petitions over the coming days
for turn in on Monday, March 19th.
Visit our CodeNEXT petition page here for all you need.