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Remember in 2015 when the newly inducted mayor promised us he’d find ways to make growth pay for itself? We do. That overarching -and broken- promise, along with the people’s right to initiative/referendum (to vote on hugely impactful decisions), is what drove the crux of our questionnaire and our scoring of the candidates running in this election.

For the questionnaire, go here (click on each question to see candidates’ respective answers).
For details about how we scored candidates, voters guide, candidate forums and information on how/where to vote, visit this page.
WHAT DISTRICT ARE YOU IN? Go here, and enter your address under the council pictures.

UPDATES:  In District 8, Christopher “Shane” Sexton dropped out and is supporting Bobby Levinski. In District 3, Jessica Cohen dropped out and is supporting Sabino Renteria. (Sexton won’t appear on the ballot/Cohen will)

CITY BOND PROPOSITIONS:  We heartily support Prop J (The Statesman, less heartily so): the right to vote on the most impactful code change in Austin’s history; and we support Prop K…while we don’t like “dark money” (we, who brought Prop J to the ballot fully disclose all donors, and the Prop K folks did start fully disclosing this last period), we still feel it’s a good measure. The City of Austin’s Auditor also thinks it’s good to have a “fresh look.” Read this op-ed by Ed English for info on how it works. For a variety of mismanagement reasons, we are torn on Props A & B, but do generally support the other Props. We just wonder why the City is lying about the total cost of them: they say $5/household, where our number-crunching gurus came up with $4.77/PERSON.


  1. Gloriah

    Todd Phelps for Mayor
    Vincent Harding District 1
    James Valdez for District 3


    Todd Phelps for Mayor & Frank Ward for Austin City Council Place 8.


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