Democracy Destroyer

Democracy Destroyer

You may have seen democracy destroyer, Mark Littlefield, lobbyist for Precourt Venture Sports, in the news entrapping paid petitioners with hidden video rolling.

Who is mark littlefield?

KXAN did a fair minded piece but left out important details about Mark LIttlefield.

This otherwise fair-minded piece that ran last night on KXAN, missed a big beat on LIttlefield’s history with petitions.

For the record, Littlefield himself, was allegedly involved in fraudulent signatures filed in Hays County. Highly respected independent journalist and now deceased, Charles O’Dell, of the Hays County Roundup, followed this closely. In 2009, after years of trying to open this case to the light of day, O’Dell reported the case just disappeared into thin air.

What is happening TO the soccer “sucker” stadium petition drive is far too similar, so LIttlefield’s involvement is no surprise. Last August, the Mayor and City Council voted to relinquish their duty to review and vote on the contract themselves, leaving it to the City Manager. We’ll soon see what cmes out of the secret negotiations, but it will involve $100s of millions in property tax exemptions.

Meanwhile, the Mayor and his stone-cold majority remain silent as Littlefield is on the loose, just following the Mayor’s campaign sweep.

You can do your volunteer part to get more signatures!

Find the petition, petition instructions, frequently asked questions and explanation on this page.

There is a lot more to say about the conduct of others in what just took place in the Austin city election.

More soon, y’all. Keep supporting us. We’re your democracy defenders, not destroyers.

Fight on, dear Austin! Here’s how from IndyAustin.

Fight on, dear Austin! Here’s how from IndyAustin.

Austin voters can fight on!Are you part of the Austin that wants to “fight on?”

We deeply appreciate this comment from a local artist in response to our most recent email to you entitled, “The Growth Machine Cometh.”

“So glad to see that you’re still fighting despite the attempt to make you go away, humiliate and shut you up! When the govt lacks an effective, fact-based defense, other techniques must be employed. The success of these techniques depends heavily upon a cooperative, compliant press and a mere token opposition party:

Suppressing the Truth: wax indignant, aka “how dare you”? call the skeptics names, i.e. nuts, conspiracy theorists, crackpot, hater, anti-progressive, etc.; inpugn motives; change the subject – this technique includes creating and/or publicizing distractions; their job is to pre-empt real opponents; don’t the authorities have enough power in championing their causes in all the newspapers, magazines, radio and TV?

Fight on!!”

Here’s how you can fight on, dear Austin! 

Fight on for Austin!

Fight on by sharing this Hot Air Adler video

►Have you seen our “Hot Air Adler” video? Watch it, like it and share it! (Several versions have been seen by thousands through Facebook feeds. It’s a big hit!)



►We have several thousands of these cards left for you to share with other voters. (Reply to this message or call us and we’ll get some to you.)

►Volunteer for any of the candidates who scored well on our questionnaire.

As for Tuesday night, we’ll have a “Boot Adler Caravan” going around to visit with the candidates who scored well on our questionnaire.

Want to join us or have us come visit? Let us hear from you.

The Growth Machine Cometh. The real story.

The Growth Machine Cometh. The real story.

Without further ado, the growth machine cometh.

Groucho Marx, the growth machine cometh

Click on Groucho to watch our favorite video, Hot Air Adler.

IndyAustin is fighting for your right to vote on the big-ticket items like CodeNEXT — yes, Vote YES, on Prop J! (Have you seen our Yes on J video?!)

IndyAustin will continue to fight for your right to vote on the $100s of millions in property tax exemptions for the sucker-soccer stadium. (Go here to our petition page).

There needs to be a regional movement to stop the destructive plans of the central Texas growth machine.

Those plans include bringing the “California Water Model” to Central Texas. They want to continue to build a megalopolis between Williamson and Bexar counties with water exported out of the eastern rural counties.

Did the growth machine not notice that California is now trying to reverse 50-years of such disastrous groundwater policy?

As we wrote earlier, Austin has been pushing hyper-growth for a long time. The comprehensive land development code overhaul known as CodeNEXT was not about reasonable density, it’s about the real estate machine wanting both density and sprawl, they want it all.

Are we being unfair to Mayor Steve Adler?

In this video “I Oppose the San Antone Hose,” at about 1-minute, learn about Adler’s presentation at the 2015 Growth Summit in San Marcos. He bragged about Austin being the fastest growing city in the U.S..This is despite making affordability out of reach for the many, evidenced by the exodus of the African-American population. Adler was egging on then San Antonio Mayor, Ivy Taylor, in front of the growth lobby. She soon got the boot from San Antonio voters.

Fact is that no city could keep up with competition of scorched earth growth policies going on now between the cities of Austin and San Antonio. San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg is hysterical to stop three San Antonio Firefighter-led ballot measures (Props A, B and C). Prop A — reasonable petition requirements for referenda (a petition for a public vote to reverse Council decisions) is in the bullseye. The growth machine has amassed a $2 million+ war chest to shoot down all three props. They are working overtime to protect their investment in the destructive $3.4B Vista Ridge “San Antone Hose” (See San Antonio First site here.)

Have you seen those anti-Prop J ads/signs saying, “Don’t Trump Austin?” Truth is that IF The Donald were involved – and he isn’t – he is famously, a high-rise developer, and therefore more likely to support the anti-Prop J pro-growth machine people making these manipulative claims.

Just remember what this is really about —
ending public votes via the petition process.

It’s also about dazing and confusing Austin while cashing in on Austin’s affordability crisis.

Give Adler and his manipulators in the growth machine the boot!

Vote Yes on Prop J. (More here at Let Us Vote Austin site here.)

Join us on the petition trails! Call us at 512.535.0989 or email us at

Remember Austn is not just one big real estate play. Some of us are actually trying to live here.

Here’s where we parked information about our gaffe on Monday, including our apology sent directly to Mayor Steve Adler. And we meant it.

Breaking:  IndyAustin hates no one, just sweetheart deals!

Breaking: IndyAustin hates no one, just sweetheart deals!

Watch the Fox7 story, posted Tuesday, October 30th.

The following letter was sent to and posted on Tuesday, October 30th:

Dear Mayor Adler,

I want apologize to you directly for IndyAustin’s error in using the Pepe the Frog image on an ad opposing your election. I do understand how this can be interpreted and ask you to accept that this was not at all intended to malign you or any group of people. We do not condone hate speech in any form.

You may have read that we found the clip on the internet that seemed to fit our “shell game” ad opposing your Soccer Stadium proposal, and did not realize the offense that would be taken to that image. The Anti-Defamation League also states that not all uses of “Pepe the Frog” are racist, but we do understand your concern, especially at this moment, which is why we pulled the ad.

We rightfully oppose your re-election, but there is nothing in the hearts and minds of the people of IndyAustin that promotes, condones, or believes in bigotry in any form. We hate it as much as you do.

Again, please accept our apologies.


Linda Curtis

This fair-minded KXAN Report was just after we issued our apology.

The following was posted on Monday, October 29th:

It was just brought to our attention this morning that an image in our recent 1-minute video “Steve Adler’s Shell Game”, Pepe the Frog, was expropriated by the Alt-Right.

Unfortunately, Pepe, originated in a comic by Matt Furie called “Boys Club,” had no say in the matter and this was our error.

Here is additional information from Wikipedia about Pepe and its listing by the Anti-Defamation League and Pepe’s creator:

The Anti-Defamation League added certain incarnations of Pepe the Frog to their database of hate symbols in 2016, adding that not all Pepe memes are racist.[9] Since then, Pepe’s creator has publicly expressed his dismay at Pepe being used as a hate symbol.

We at IndyAustin have no use for hate speech.

We honestly thought it was a cartoon of a pea smoking a cigar — taken from an video online — not ours.

We have changed the video without this image.

Why is Steve Adler playing a shell game with public dollars

Watch Mayor Steve Adler’s city hall hide $100s of millions in property tax exemptions for a rushed soccer “sucker” stadium.

Again, our apologies!

Our main number is 512.535.0989 or email us at

Independently yours, Austin!

Steve Adler’s Shell Game Attack Ad on IndyAustin

Steve Adler’s Shell Game Attack Ad on IndyAustin

Are you clear yet on Steve Adler’s Shell Game?

The shell game, according to Wikipedia, is “almost always a confidence trick used to perpetrate fraud.”

Is the Mayor losing confidence so badly he has to run a full page ad in the Chronicle fabricating attacks on IndyAustin?

Is he really claiming with a straight face that IndyAustin is doing “dark money”? But wait, then Adler actually tells you just where $55,000 out-of-state donations to IndyAustin came from. Might you then ask how he knows this information if we didn’t disclose it? That’s the definition of dark money, folks.

Are you laughing yet?

Watch this 1-minute video to see plainly what the Mayor is hiding.

Then, share away, dear Austin! 

Also, be sure to sign the petition for your right to stop the Sucker Stadium subsidies. Look for our petitioners at the early polls OR print the petition or order one mailed to you. Obviously, part of our ask is also to give Adler the Boot!

Early polls are open through a week from today, November 2.

Not sure how else to vote in this city election? Mayoral candidates, progressive Laura Morrison aced our questionnaire, and conservative Todd Phelps did well.  Visit our scorecards here. Be sure to click through to our page at IndyAustin participated in Informed Vote’s new platform. It really is informative on the city races.

Don’t forget to vote Yes on Prop J to Prevent Another CodeNEXT

Thanks to Adler’s shell game now Prop K becomes imperative too.

That the Mayor is playing such games on dark money, you really should vote Yes on Prop K for a city audit. Though it’s true that the the Prop K campaign didn’t report their donors for their petition drive, they are now. And, even the City Auditor said a second set of eyes on the City Budget is a good idea. We think so too.

Here’s the Steve Adler Attack Ad on IndyAustin. We’re happy to answer any and all claims made by the Mayor. We also hope he didn’t pay his consultant much for this.

Feel free to dialogue with us on our Facebook page here or website comments for this blog. Just keep it clean and not mean.

Don’t forget to take a look at our copiously documented claim about Steve Adler’s Land Empire here.

“Progressive” Media Keeping Austin Dazed and Confused

“Progressive” Media Keeping Austin Dazed and Confused

Adler not only promised to make growth pay for itself, Adler's BIG broken promise was to be a 1-term Mayor!

Is Austin’s progressive media keeping Austin dazed and confused?

Austin progressives have known for a long time how the Austin Chronicle has operated as a liberal cover for the the real estate “growth machine.” (See our last message how they have opposed every citizen petition since 1997.)

But when the “progressive” Austin Chronicle turned up its nose to a highly qualified progressive woman running for Mayor — Laura Morrison — over a fake like Steve Adler, what else can we tell you but this:

Pass Prop J, to prevent another CodeNEXT.
Replace Renteria (Dist. 3) & Stop Skidmore (Dist. 9)
Check out our Scorecard here and share, dear Austin!

Here’s what else you can do to help to stop “progressive” media keeping Austin dazed and confused.

Ask your favorite local media outlet to cover the huge conflicts of interest of Steve Adler’s Land Empire. We released this last Friday. We also provided copious documentation of our claims that the Adlers have financial ties to at least 71 properties currently assessed at $319 million.

Also, ask media to give Austin voters fair warning that the Soccer (Sucker) Stadium subsidies are — right now — in negotiation behind closed doors at City Hall. Austin voters won’t see the deal until after this election.

Moreover, Adler and his Council majority gave the City Manager the power to negotiate and execute the deal without so much as a review and vote of the Council. This deal involves $100s of millions in property tax exemptions on publicly owned land. That land — called McKalla — was designated prime property for affordable housing. The deal stinks so bad the Travis County Commissioners Court voted unanimously to reserve the right to challenge the giveaways of THEIR tax dollars by the City of Austin.

That’s why IndyAustin is at the polls getting petitions signed and
handing out our Boot Adler fliers!

We need your help!

To volunteer, send us a message here: or text 512.657.2089

Like us on Facebook and share our videos and memes from there.
Donate to our efforts. (We need donations to help get our message out through social media.)