Is the Chamber trying to fix this election?

Is the Chamber trying to fix this election?

Is the Austin Chamber trying to fix this election?

The Chamber has excluded Linda O’Neal (District 9 candidate) from their candidate forum to be held this Monday, Sept. 24, 5:30 to 7 pm at the Central Library.

There are only 3 candidates in the District 9 race. But Linda is the only one to stand up to the Soccer stadium giveaway. (Remember, the stinky sucker stadium deal will not be final until after this election.)

Linda O’Neal, District 9 candidate, teacher and smart cookie!

Linda is a local teacher and a smart cookie.
Click on Linda’s picture to visit her website.

Here’s the Chamber’s response to Linda’s question about the decision to exclude her.


We are encouraged by the number of residents who have committed to run for office. This event was set prior to the campaign filing deadline and the time frame only allows for the invitees. We welcome your participation on our soon-to-be released candidate questionnaires which we will place on a public website for voters to see and better understand each candidate’s vision for Austin.

Thank you,
Tina Grider-Cannon
Vice President of Government Relations

BTW, In the crowded Mayor’s race, the Chamber has also excluded the only Republican (to our knowledge) who’s running — Todd Phelps. So, if the Chamber is truly worried about too many candidates on the dais, they could have set fair criteria for exclusion.

►Is it a coincidence that the President of the Austin Chamber Board,
Phil Wilson, is also the general manager of the LCRA?

The Lower Colorado River Authority recently joined the siege on the Simsboro aquifer just east of Austin. And the LCRA is pushing for a mega-permit of 25,000 acre-feet of groundwater. The ancient Simsboro is already being mined far beyond its miniscule recharge.

Check out this article by Al Braden of and come on out to the hearing in Bastrop this Wednesday, Sept. 26, 7 pm, Bastrop Convention Center, 1408 Chestnut, Bastrop.

►NW Austin residents!

District 6 Councilmember Jimmy Flannigan is using the “NW Coalition” to promote his position on a nearly $1 billion bond package and on Props J (CodeNEXT) and Prop K (Efficienty Audit) placed on the ballot via petition. The meeting is on Monday night, Sept. 24, 6:30 to 8:30 pm, at the Spicewood Springs Library, 8637 Spicewood Springs Road.

For years the Austin Growth Machine put its foot to the pedal. It’s now up to you to take it off.

Is the Chamber running Austin?

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Boot Adler and save us time and money.

Boot Adler and save us time and money.

IndyAustin has postponed tomorrow’s press conference and event. Instead, we really want to hear from you. You can reply to this message or give us a call.

We are considering doing a petition to reserve your right to vote on a $375,000,000 taxpayer giveaway Precourt Soccer Stadium in May 2019. This “Sucker Stadium” deal is currently being negotiated in secrecy and will be executed in the DARK, thanks to Mayor Steve Adler.

Today, we’re wondering why bother since you could just save us the time and expense by giving Adler the boot this November.

Did you happen to catch the Mayor on KVUE’s, “Monday with the Mayor” yesterday? The Mayor repeatedly called Propositions J & K “a joke.” And then

Snouldn't you boot Adler?

Does the Mayor have a problem seeing in the dark?

proceeded to confuse them. Note: Prop J is the CodeNEXT petition and Prop K is the Efficiency Audit, not the way Adler had them swtiched. Watch this 5 minute KVUE clip. ►

Tell us if you think the Mayor might also have some confusion counting zeros.

Let’s see, IndyAustin spent about $80,000 on getting Prop J (CodeNEXT) on the ballot. If you vote YES on Prop J, you will secure your right in the future to vote on a comprehensive change in the land development code that involves BILLIONS (that’s at least 9 zeros, Mayor!) in development decisions.

So, here’s our question for you, dear Austin. Should IndyAustin try to raise the money it takes to do a stadium petition drive or might we do best getting 100,000 of these buttons out across Austin?

The Mayor goes on to cry “dark money” was used for both petitions. Sorry, might this be the kettle calling the pot black?!

By the way, IndyAustin reports the names on all donations above $50, as per campaign finance requirements.

Does the Mayor really have a hard time counting zeros? Or maybe it’s just that he can’t see in the dark.

What do you think? Contact us or give us a call at 512.535.0989.

Like us on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter to help us run an effective grassroots effort.

Here’s our latest blog with the candidate questionnaire we hope you’re using.

What is IndyAustin? Steal this Candidate Questionnaire and you’ll find out!

What is IndyAustin? Steal this Candidate Questionnaire and you’ll find out!

What is IndyAustin?

Come join us next Wednesday at 11:30 am for a press conference at City Hall. If you can’t make it, you can join us that evening from 6:30 to 9 pm at Big Daddy’s Burgers & Bar, 9070 Research Blvd.

Steal this candidate questionnaire and you’ll find out!

Why are we including a picture of Council Member Greg Casar, who is not even up for reelection? Here’s Casar handing out PSV soccer team T-shirts and freebies – before a contract has been inked. (Must be nIce to have CM to do your sales promotion.) By the way, Precourt is still in litigation in Ohio for permission to move the team. This Statesman article tells you there’s:

  • No temporary stadium.

  • No training facility.

  • No practice fields.

  • No traffic plan.

  • But they have t-shirts and Adler and Casar eating out of their hands!

Last year, we registered IndyAustin as specific purpose political action committee (“S-PAC”) dedicated to securing Austin voter’s right to vote on big-ticket items. Examples are CodeNEXT and the Soccer Stadium. IndyAustin does not endorse candidates but may “rate” candidates.

IndyAustin is your small “d” democracy advocate.

Austin is witnessing disturbing trends in a city that prides itself as supposedly democratic. Examples abound.

  • Paid sick leave, a fine cause we support, was rammed on local businesses and some raising concerns were shouted down at City Hall.
  • A deal involving hundreds of millions of dollars for a “want” not a “need” (the Precourt Soccer Stadium) is being negotiated and executed without a Council vote.
  • And, the “emergency soccer stadium” took so much staff and Council time left before this election, significant reforms proposed by the City Council’s own appointees on the Charter Revision Commission were shoved aside and kept off the ballot.

Who is IndyAustin?

We are your neighbors. We vote in either party primary or not at all. We are of all races and age groups. We are renters, homeowners, homeless people and yes, one of us even lives in Bastrop because that’s where old workhorses go when they can’t afford Austin rent.

Dale Watson nailed it when he said, “Austin Sold Itself” as he high-tailed it for his new place 1 mile from Graceland.

Isn’t it about time for Austin to get some of its own grace back?

Seriously, use our Candidate Questionnaire to get the answers you deserve at the many candidate forums already happening around town. This will help you understand what IndyAustin really is. We’re your organizing tool to take your city back.

Save the Date! Wednesday, September 19, 6:30-8:30 pm Carver Library.

Four Women Leaders & Breaking News on CodeNEXT!!!

Four Women Leaders & Breaking News on CodeNEXT!!!

Breaking News! Moments before we pushed the button on this alert, we received notice of this lawsuit filed by Bill Aleshire with the Texas Supreme Court to stop the City of Austin’s interference with the CodeNEXT petition ballot language!

Four forceful women leaders on the Austin City Council made the sucker stadium not YET a done deal!

Watch these short videos of Ora Houston , Alison Alter, Ellen Troxclair and Leslie Pool in action last Wednesday. Thank you, ladies!

Now that the glitter has fallen on the stadium deal. Get this. The Adler Majority (including, surprisingly, Kathie Tovo) has sent the negotiations for the stadium behind closed doors.

The City Manager and the Richard Suttle-Precourt lobby team will sign it WITHOUT a review or even a VOTE of your elected officials on the Austin City Council!

The Adler majority it out of control. They are allowing the Mayor to reward his friends and try to punish you, Austin voters. All with a smile on their faces.This includes continued and concerted interference with your right to vote on citizen’s petitions. (To be fair, this does not include Tovo.)

These four leaders on the Austin City Council fought for you last Wednesday with honesty and intelligence

Like IndyAustin on Facebook and get your Austin pals to do the same.

Hey, Austin. It’s your city if you exercise your rights.

We’ll show you just how you can exercise those rights real soon. But right now we need your help to get the word out in affordable ways through social media.

Stay tuned.

Correction! Adler Majority Cruisin’ for a Political Bruisin’!

Correction! Adler Majority Cruisin’ for a Political Bruisin’!

CRUISIN’ FOR A POLITICAL BRUSIN’ CORRECTION! Yesterday, we were so busy looking at spreadsheets of sucker stadium related donors to Councimembers, we gave you the wrong time for today’s Special Meeting.

Council meets today at 9:00 am at City Hall. Join us!

Or watch it here. The Council will vote at 11:30, time certain.


1.  They must disclose how much money, if any, they have received from Precourt related donors, since 2016, up to today and any promised in the future. If they do not disclose this information, they must abstain from today’s vote.

2.  They must not allow the City Manager to sign an agreement without a full and public review and VOTE of the Council. They must NOT send this deal into the backrooms of City Hall!

If Austin voters lose this vote today, IndyAustin promises you due recourse. We will share those details with you real soon!

This Klep Blog message from IndyAustin yesterday shows the smoking gun of stinky campaign cash likely flowing on this “sucker” stadium deal. Don’t let them get away with this, Austin!

Finally Adler Pulls CodeNEXT

Autin Mayor Adler’s lobbyist pal, Richard Suttle, inserted foot in mouth with claims that we would oppose him giving out $100 bills.

We haven’t had the time yet to tell you how the Adler majority continues to interfere with your right to vote on citizen’s petitions. They are cruisin’ for a political bruisin’ in November if they keep this up!


Adler’s Rushed Stadium a Transparency Nightmare

Adler’s Rushed Stadium a Transparency Nightmare

Adler’s Rushed Stadium a Transparency Nightmare
For Immediate Release

August 14, 2 pm, Austin: IndyAustin, a local specific purpose political action committee dedicated to the rights of Austin voters to vote on the “big ticket items,” sounded the alarm last week about the Mayor’s rushed “sucker” stadium. There is a yet another Special Meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, August 15, about the deal with a definite vote set 11:30 am. That vote could send the stadium deal into the backrooms of City Hall to be negotiated and executed by the City Manager. If Mayor Adler lines up a majority vote for this Special Meeting language tomorrow, the deal will never come back for final approval by the City Council. The posting reads:

“Authorize negotiation and execution of agreements with Precourt Sports Ventures, LLC, or its affiliates…”

David Jones, co-founder of IndyAustin who lives in Council Member Greg Casar’s District 4 said, “I believe we have many good people on this Council, but they are operating in a process polluted by unscrupulous huckster lobbyists. So far, we’ve seen three different development proposals, one offering 843 affordable housing units at McKalla Place. But the Mayor has been in such a rush, the city is about to close off any options at McKalla other than a private soccer stadium. I am one of the few African Americans left in Austin. I am also a renter barely holding on within a few miles of McKalla. I am fed up and I am mad as hell!”

District 9 resident, Lauren Johnson, who volunteers with IndyAustin, said, “What surprises me is how my council member, Mayor Pro-tem Kathie Tovo, has handled the soccer stadium deal. She hasn’t responded to my messages, and this has me confused.”

IndyAustin co-founder, Linda Curtis, received this Tweet during last Thursday’s 8-hour meeting on the rushed stadium deal.

The Tweet claims that a number of Council members, along with Mayor Steve Adler, received significant donations from “Precourt lobbyist companies, partner companies and employees.”

Curtis said, “Honestly, because of the rush, we haven’t had the time to complete our research in order to confirm or deny these numbers. But, there is definitely a smoking gun when this information is in the public domain, and no one has denied it. The closing period for Council Member’s campaign finance reports was June 30th. The public won’t see another report until October 6. So, tomorrow we are asking Council members to disclose how much they have taken from Precourt related lobbyists and their companies, including since June 30th. If they don’t disclose this information, they should abstain from tomorrow’s vote.”

IndyAustin urges the media to contact officials from all taxing authorities to ask them where they stand on Adler’s motion to put the stadium negotiations and execution into a closed door “Transparency Nightmare.” Media is also urged to ask them how they feel about the potential loss of significant tax dollars by building a stadium instead of housing. Call Travis County, AISD, ACC and Central Health officials.

IndyAustin and others will be observing the proceedings starting tomorrow at 9:30 at Austin City Hall.