We little petition elves at IndyAustin are co-hosting a Christmas Party and Petition Signing Event this Thursday. Co-host is NW Austin’s ole’ 10-1 pal, Ed English.

Join us Thursday, 6-8 pm at The Frisco,6801 Burnet. Share this lovely event from here!

Thanks to Bill Aleshire’s threats to sue the city on our behalf for infringing on political free speech, you will see petitioners at Palmer Events Center!

We know, we know…it’s the holiday season…but the Mayor is making us do it. Besides, he is actually fundraising during the holidays for his reelection campaign!

IndyAustin Petition Elf popup

How Steve Adler can make the Petition Elf go away permanently.

Suggestion for the Mayor: Give Austin’s beleaguered renters and homeowners a big Christmas Present and Happy New Year. We petition elves will stay gone if you pull CodeNEXT until after the November 2018 election, just like you just did with the convention center expansion.

Then, next year maybe Austin can figure out just what its policies are about serving current residents versus those not here yet.

Hoping to see you Thursday!

Happy Holidays, ya’ll.

PS Though Steve Adler keeps telling us he is the first Mayor elected under the 10-1 voting system (true), he had nothing to do with getting it on the ballot or getting it passed. Moreover, he opposes your right to vote on CodeNEXT!