CodeNEXT is about democracy. The Council just made it so.

Come to the hearing this Tuesday, May 1, 4 to 8 pm at Palmer Events Center!

The Council gave new meaning to our statement that CodeNEXT is about democracy last Friday at 2 am. That’s when six members of the Austin Council began to resist placing the petition on the November ballot. Those members are Adler, Casar, Garza, Flannigan, Kitchen and Renteria. By taking their first of likely two votes on something they are legally required to do, they have begun digging a hole to hide in. They probably don’t know yet that the hole is full of quicksand. Perhaps that’s because they really have no answers for the decades of the growth-for-growth’s-sake lobby that’s behind CodeNEXT having its way with Austin.

At Saturday’s hearing we began to see how CodeNEXT is about democracy.

Testimony at the CodeNEXT hearing made clear CodeNEXT is about democracy

It became clear at Saturday’s public hearing that the future of CodeNEXT is about democracy

Kudos for the very good coverage by KXAN of Saturday’s hearing. Do take a look at the video. But, don’t miss what’s written on the KXAN blog. At the bottom of the page read the countering statements about Council’s decision last Friday from Mayor Pro-tem Kathie Tovo. Tovo put out a clear and brief statement supporting putting the petition on the ballot. Then read Council Member Ann Kitchen’s statement. Tell us, doth Kitchen protest just a little too much about why she would dis approximately 3,000 voters in her district (District 5) who signed this petition?

The Council can take their medicine now and put CodeNEXT up for a public vote after the Council presumably passes it. Remember, the petition calls for a waiting period. This period is for Austinites to learn more about what the Council winds up actually passing. Then a public vote takes place following the waiting period. Read the petition here.

Council can run but they cannot hide

The Council can also keep hiding behind one attorney’s opinion paid for by Austin taxpayers. But they cannot hide forever because three of the six no votes (Adler, Kitchen and Renteria) are up for reelection in November. Adler already has ample opposition coming from former Council Member Laura Morrison. And the filing period to run starts on July 23.

Most of the current Council members know about the work to “make growth pay for itself” done prior to the 10-1 Council election in 2014. It’s all parked here at the Costs of Growth page the League of Independent Voters. Admittedly, Austin and central Texas are at the point of no return. You can thank the misleadership of the Mayor’s powerful friends. To be fair, those powerful friends’ misleadership preceded Steve Adler’s.

We provide this famous quote for those few (including the Council members) who seem to believe Austin voters aren’t smart enough to vote on CodeNEXT. They have always been smarter than the policy wonks on what matters most. It’s that little thing called Democracy that people still put their lives on the line for:

“Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.” Winston Churchill.