Now that the CodeNEXT Petition is Certified by the Austin City Clerk, we have this Action Request: Contact the Mayor and Council now! Urge them to put this petition on the ballot in November. Otherwise, you may never get the right to vote on the future of Austin’s development. Then, get to the hearings on CodeNEXT starting THIS Saturday, April 28. And, save the date for Saturday, June 2. (More below)

Remember, we needed 20,000 valid signatures. Austin City Clerk, Jannette Goodall’s 25% random sample revealed a likelihood of over 25,541 signatures or an 86% validity rate – the highest in our memory since 1995.

Mainly, there appear to be two steps that Council can take now to be responsive to the petition now that the CodeNEXT petition is certified. They are required by the Austin City Charter, Article IV, Section 4 to choose one of the two steps. First, they can adopt our petition and allow Austinites to vote on CodeNEXT or secondly, they can vote to place our initiative allowing for a vote for the right to vote on CodeNEXT on the ballot. The Council is considering its direct adoption this Thursday, so stay tuned. But we were reminded by Statesman reporter, Phil Jankowski, in his quick release of the news this morning that:

“It is now up to the Austin City Council to place the referendum on the November ballot. However, the city’s legal department has already told the council that the petition should be considered invalid because it proposes an ordinance that would violate Austin’s City Charter.”

If the Council majority chooses to hide behind their Legal Department and refuse to put the measure up for a vote, they will be doing so at their own political risk. There will be costly and unnecessary litigation, because Council has the authority to put CodeNEXT on the ballot.

Meanwhile, here’s what you to do now that the CodeNEXT petition is certified:

  1. Contact Mayor Steve Adler and your Council member using this page. Ask them to simply heed the call of this petition and let the people vote on their right to vote on CodeNEXT this November. That is all this petition is — read the petition again here.
  2. Plan to attend upcoming hearings on CodeNEXT. The first one is this coming Saturday, April 28, in Dove Springs – see here. It starts at 9:30 am. The next one – and likely the big one — is on Saturday, June 2 at City Hall – see here.
  3. Send money and/or get involved. This is a costly effort. If we have to go to court, it will require more funds. If you want to get involved in IndyAustin, we will be holding meetings in the coming weeks. Sign up here or give us a call at 512-535-0989.

IndyAustin apologizes if we have not been in touch since the filing. We have been taking off much needed time to reflect and rest. We’ll be fully back in the saddle very soon. Meanwhile, celebrate the fact that due to your support, the CodeNEXT Petition is certified!!!