We’ve been busy little beavers building the indy movement here in Austin. What’s the “indy movement?” It is a cross-partisan movement of folks who are working together to counter the kleptocracy working inside both political parties. You know that this kleptocracy exists, don’t you? As a famous Texas independent once said, “You have good people working in a bad system.”

►We’ve got two great Austin stories for you today courtesy of the efforts of Jim Duncan, Community Not Commodity and The Austin Bulldog:

Is CodeNEXT really and truly “CodeWRECK”? This question is asked with humor and intelligence by a nationally renowned planning and zoning expert who lives right here in Austin — our own Jim Duncan. Don’t miss Duncan’s slide show — it’s not only funny, it breaks down CodeNEXT for us regular folk AND offers concrete solutions.

Then don’t miss the non-profit Community Not Commodity’s hard hitting take on CodeNEXT’s second draft,

While we can appreciate that Mayor Steve Adler says he doesn’t yet support CodeNEXT, he is also saying he doesn’t support a public vote on it.

It’s all here — don’t forget to print and sign the CodeNEXT petition and mail it — and follow the action request at the end.

►Then there’s the ongoing controversy about Central Health. We wrote this piece on September 1st about our disappointment with Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt’s reluctance to demand an independent and full accounting.

Don’t Travis County taxpayers deserve to know the truth about the alleged diversion of $35 million from indigent care to the UT at Austin Dell Medical School and Seton Healthcare?

This morning, Ken Martin’s The Austin BullDog released this article doing full justice to the complexity of the embattled Central Health. We strongly suggest that you sign up for the Bulldog’s News Alerts (it’s free). It is always in-depth and investigative journalism at its best.

We’ve got The Papoose Petition Wagon trekking around Austin, so don’t sit on the fence — join us!

Happy Petition Trails, y’all.

PS If you’re going to community events or want to hold one with us, let us get some petitions to you!