Court orders CodeNEXT on the ballot! Read the Court Order here.

Travis County District Judge Orlinda Naranjo just ruled that the citizens petition measure to secure your right to vote on CodeNEXT, or any comprehensive land development revisions, be placed on the November ballot. That’s right. And you’re going to have to vote YES on this measure in November.

This Statesman article begins with this extraordinary sentence:

“CodeNEXT will appear on November’s ballot and likely pour kerosene on Austin City Council elections this year just just as campaign season begins to ramp up.” 

Court Orders CodeNEXT on the Ballot, Austin Voters Still the Boss

Please ask yourself now how the heck three attorneys on the city council (Steve Adler, Ann Kitchen and Delia Garza) couldn’t understand this very basic legal point made and accepted by the court. The Judge explains this so clearly in her ruling we suggest you just read it.

Instead, petitioners had to seek relief in court. Therefore, we are all very thankful that the court orders CodeNEXT on the ballot. And, please do not forget that the Texas Constitution and the City Charter of the City of Austin guarantees you your petition rights.

Now, despite what the Statesman has to say, whether Mayor Steve Adler or Ann Kitchen get reelected (Garza was already elected for her second and last term), is totally up to the voters. And, whether you will have good choices in all Council races up in November is a very serious question.

You stood up and got the job done on the petition drive. What’s your next step?

We will help you figure that out! Just send us a note or call us 512-535-0989, especially if you want to come to a meeting. Or fill out our volunteer section here.

It Should Not Go Without Saying

We all owe a debt of gratitude to attorneys Fred Lewis, Bill Bunch and in the background of the Statesman picture is Bobby Levinsky. Then there were scores of activists and neighborhood people who carried the petition, our donors, and the 31,000 people who signed for something very simple.

As Fred Lewis put it at the hearing:

“This isn’t about CodeNEXT. It’s about democracy.”