You may have seen democracy destroyer, Mark Littlefield, lobbyist for Precourt Venture Sports, in the news entrapping paid petitioners with hidden video rolling.

Who is mark littlefield?

KXAN did a fair minded piece but left out important details about Mark LIttlefield.

This otherwise fair-minded piece that ran last night on KXAN, missed a big beat on LIttlefield’s history with petitions.

For the record, Littlefield himself, was allegedly involved in fraudulent signatures filed in Hays County. Highly respected independent journalist and now deceased, Charles O’Dell, of the Hays County Roundup, followed this closely. In 2009, after years of trying to open this case to the light of day, O’Dell reported the case just disappeared into thin air.

What is happening TO the soccer “sucker” stadium petition drive is far too similar, so LIttlefield’s involvement is no surprise. Last August, the Mayor and City Council voted to relinquish their duty to review and vote on the contract themselves, leaving it to the City Manager. We’ll soon see what cmes out of the secret negotiations, but it will involve $100s of millions in property tax exemptions.

Meanwhile, the Mayor and his stone-cold majority remain silent as Littlefield is on the loose, just following the Mayor’s campaign sweep.

You can do your volunteer part to get more signatures!

Find the petition, petition instructions, frequently asked questions and explanation on this page.

There is a lot more to say about the conduct of others in what just took place in the Austin city election.

More soon, y’all. Keep supporting us. We’re your democracy defenders, not destroyers.