Don’t be a Gomer or a goober! Do you have signatures on the petition for the right to vote on CodeNEXT sitting in your trunk, on your credenza or that YOU MEANT to go get from a neighbor or two?

Get your signatures in pronto. We plan to file the petition sometime next week, so don’t panic but get them into us asap.

We are processing tens thousands of petitions and…it’s not too late for you to turn in some more!

You can come by 309 E. 11th Street (at Trinity — the Public Citizen Office) anytime between 10 am and 7 pm to deliver your signatures.

If you have questions OR still want to get a few more folks to sign, call or text Linda Curtis at 512.657.2089.

Here’s our CodeNEXT page for all you need.

Thanks to those who contributed over the last few weeks to our efforts!

We continue to have needs for additional funds – for processing. So keep those dollars comin’! Use the DONATE link above or send a check made out to IndyAustin and mail it to PO Box 41479, Austin, TX 78704. Thank you!