The big news is that our Filing Deadline for CodeNEXT changed. We’re NOT going for a May election. We’re headed for November!

We will take the full 180-days permitted to gather signatures on the CodeNEXT petition!

Rather than file in January, we will file towards the end of March 2018. Read more below about why this decision was made.

In the picture you see some of our petition team at the wonderful Martin Luther King Day March and Festival on Monday.


If yes, call us at 512.535.0989. And stay connected and sign up, or email us at

  • Join us for the Women’s March at the Capitol THIS Saturday, January 20, 2018, 1-4 pm!

  • Mark your calendars! Petition at the early polls during the Texas primary – Tuesday, Feb. 23 thru Friday, March 2, 2018.

We have decided to go for the November ballot for these reasons:

  1. No other items would be on the May ballot. We didn’t want to force the City to spend $800,000 on an election for one item.
  2. We are keen to get the largest voter turnout possible for the vote on Code Next. Far more people will be voting in November. 

  3. Collecting more signatures on this petition will better ensure passage. There’s no such thing as getting “too many” signatures.

By the way, here’s how Austin’s hyper-growth agenda is doing harm to our entire region, just out from the League of Independent Voters. Read the report from last night’s Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District meeting here.