For A Sensible Sign Ordinance

Let the voters decide!


Don’t let Austin get caught in the sign wars.

The city refuses to allow networked digital sign technology – even after its own public input process showed 64% support for the benefits of digital signs. And, due to recent court rulings, we believe the city could lose regulatory control over billboards.

Sign the petition so we can vote for an updated sign ordinance that proposes:

  • No new signs added – only converted!
  • Prohibiting off-premise signs with distracting flashing lights and animations!
  • Decreasing light pollution in Austin’s night skies by replacing floodlight signs with LEDs that dim with ambient lighting.
  • More effective public safety tools for local emergencies – AMBER and Silver Alerts, weather and traffic advisories.
  • Supporting local small businesses & events with affordable access to off-premise advertising.

Note: Only registered voters in Austin can sign this petition. You must sign a hard copy. Online petitions for public votes are not allowed in Texas.

More on why this petition is necessary

IndyAustin supports the SignOnAustin petition because of the benefits the proposed ordinance will provide Austinites. The fact that these digital billboards will be networked and can be instantly updated would be a game-changer for public safety: emergency advisories like AMBER & Silver Alerts will be more effective when they can display photos rather than just the numbers from a license plate. The FBI has already used this technology in Texas to capture violent fugitives and SignOnAustin’s proposal will grant local law enforcement access to this tool to issue emergency alerts, weather advisories, and traffic updates when needed.

Digital technology replacing conventional vinyl will be good for the environment and make billboard advertising more affordable to local small businesses. The ability to instantly update the signs instead of planning for months-long ad runs will also help the local arts and events community, which can advertise in limited time frames more broadly and inexpensively.

Besides the benefits, there’s one more reason IndyAustin supports SignOnAustin’s petition for a sensible sign ordinance. We believe fiercely in the power of the voters, so when we see City Council show contempt for the public input process and our fellow Austinites who are just trying to play by the city’s rules… our blood boils!

The city held a public stakeholder meeting regarding the sign ordinance, where they took a live poll and an online poll over the following week. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of respondents supported an ordinance allowing for digital billboard technology because of the public benefits it would provide. So what do the city staffers do? Bury the public’s opinion in a drawer at City Hall and carry on with the staff’s own agenda of prohibition!

The City of Austin itself owns and operates signs with the same digital technology it prohibits elsewhere, though their signs are not networked and do not provide for emergency use by law enforcement like the proposal from SignOnAustin. In light of this, it is shocking that some members of City Council are now vowing to never permit digital signs for local advertisers. Once again these Council members’ opinions align with the wealthy real estate developers, who work to eliminate billboards and develop the land beneath.

SignOnAustin is a coalition of Reagan Outdoor Advertising, the Austin Police Association, Austin Independent Business Alliance, The Davis Group, and us here at IndyAustin.

For more info read SignOnAustin’s rebuttal to the city’s misleading report on the digital signage public input process.

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