Breaking News! Moments before we pushed the button on this alert, we received notice of this lawsuit filed by Bill Aleshire with the Texas Supreme Court to stop the City of Austin’s interference with the CodeNEXT petition ballot language!

Four forceful women leaders on the Austin City Council made the sucker stadium not YET a done deal!

Watch these short videos of Ora Houston , Alison Alter, Ellen Troxclair and Leslie Pool in action last Wednesday. Thank you, ladies!

Now that the glitter has fallen on the stadium deal. Get this. The Adler Majority (including, surprisingly, Kathie Tovo) has sent the negotiations for the stadium behind closed doors.

The City Manager and the Richard Suttle-Precourt lobby team will sign it WITHOUT a review or even a VOTE of your elected officials on the Austin City Council!

The Adler majority it out of control. They are allowing the Mayor to reward his friends and try to punish you, Austin voters. All with a smile on their faces.This includes continued and concerted interference with your right to vote on citizen’s petitions. (To be fair, this does not include Tovo.)

These four leaders on the Austin City Council fought for you last Wednesday with honesty and intelligence

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Hey, Austin. It’s your city if you exercise your rights.

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