Why Austin could do well with a lot less hot air.Watch and share this short video — Hot Air Adler.

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It was all over media last Friday that Precourt’s soccer team (The Crew) has been sold. And they’re staying in Columbus!

Now, were you surprised Adler and his sucker stadium pals sold Austin out using copious amounts of HOT AIR ADLERisms?

Laura Morrison, former City Council Member, is your way out of being played by Adler and the City Hall hustler's behind him.We couldn’t have said it any better than Adler competitor for Mayor, Laura Morrison.

Morrison released this message on Friday moments after we all heard the news.

“The Adler-led corporate subsidy was a terrible deal for Austin taxpayers and for our community. With the news – now is time for the City to hit the brakes and put an end to this deal.

Now is the time to end the negotiations with Precourt, who has no asset – no team – to bring to the table. Inking a deal when only one party (the City) has something to offer, who does that???”

KLBJ interview on Todd and Don showAnd, this morning, IndyAustin’s Linda Curtis and local developer whistle-blower, Brian Rodgers, were having some fun on KLBJ-AM’s Todd and Don Show answering the same question — “who does that?”, for folks during drive-time — enjoy!  ===>

“Take Back Your City, Austin” Party this Saturday!

Instead of Adler playing games on us, give the butthead the boot!

IndyAustin party goers played the game “Pin the Butthead on the Adler” at our last party. We’ll play it again, Sam and take some video. 🙂

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