What is IndyAustin?

Come join us next Wednesday at 11:30 am for a press conference at City Hall. If you can’t make it, you can join us that evening from 6:30 to 9 pm at Big Daddy’s Burgers & Bar, 9070 Research Blvd.

Steal this candidate questionnaire and you’ll find out!

Why are we including a picture of Council Member Greg Casar, who is not even up for reelection? Here’s Casar handing out PSV soccer team T-shirts and freebies – before a contract has been inked. (Must be nIce to have CM to do your sales promotion.) By the way, Precourt is still in litigation in Ohio for permission to move the team. This Statesman article tells you there’s:

  • No temporary stadium.

  • No training facility.

  • No practice fields.

  • No traffic plan.

  • But they have t-shirts and Adler and Casar eating out of their hands!

Last year, we registered IndyAustin as specific purpose political action committee (“S-PAC”) dedicated to securing Austin voter’s right to vote on big-ticket items. Examples are CodeNEXT and the Soccer Stadium. IndyAustin does not endorse candidates but may “rate” candidates.

IndyAustin is your small “d” democracy advocate.

Austin is witnessing disturbing trends in a city that prides itself as supposedly democratic. Examples abound.

  • Paid sick leave, a fine cause we support, was rammed on local businesses and some raising concerns were shouted down at City Hall.
  • A deal involving hundreds of millions of dollars for a “want” not a “need” (the Precourt Soccer Stadium) is being negotiated and executed without a Council vote.
  • And, the “emergency soccer stadium” took so much staff and Council time left before this election, significant reforms proposed by the City Council’s own appointees on the Charter Revision Commission were shoved aside and kept off the ballot.

Who is IndyAustin?

We are your neighbors. We vote in either party primary or not at all. We are of all races and age groups. We are renters, homeowners, homeless people and yes, one of us even lives in Bastrop because that’s where old workhorses go when they can’t afford Austin rent.

Dale Watson nailed it when he said, “Austin Sold Itself” as he high-tailed it for his new place 1 mile from Graceland.

Isn’t it about time for Austin to get some of its own grace back?

Seriously, use our Candidate Questionnaire to get the answers you deserve at the many candidate forums already happening around town. This will help you understand what IndyAustin really is. We’re your organizing tool to take your city back.

Save the Date! Wednesday, September 19, 6:30-8:30 pm Carver Library.