Is the Austin Chamber trying to fix this election?

The Chamber has excluded Linda O’Neal (District 9 candidate) from their candidate forum to be held this Monday, Sept. 24, 5:30 to 7 pm at the Central Library.

There are only 3 candidates in the District 9 race. But Linda is the only one to stand up to the Soccer stadium giveaway. (Remember, the stinky sucker stadium deal will not be final until after this election.)

Linda O’Neal, District 9 candidate, teacher and smart cookie!

Linda is a local teacher and a smart cookie.
Click on Linda’s picture to visit her website.

Here’s the Chamber’s response to Linda’s question about the decision to exclude her.


We are encouraged by the number of residents who have committed to run for office. This event was set prior to the campaign filing deadline and the time frame only allows for the invitees. We welcome your participation on our soon-to-be released candidate questionnaires which we will place on a public website for voters to see and better understand each candidate’s vision for Austin.

Thank you,
Tina Grider-Cannon
Vice President of Government Relations

BTW, In the crowded Mayor’s race, the Chamber has also excluded the only Republican (to our knowledge) who’s running — Todd Phelps. So, if the Chamber is truly worried about too many candidates on the dais, they could have set fair criteria for exclusion.

►Is it a coincidence that the President of the Austin Chamber Board,
Phil Wilson, is also the general manager of the LCRA?

The Lower Colorado River Authority recently joined the siege on the Simsboro aquifer just east of Austin. And the LCRA is pushing for a mega-permit of 25,000 acre-feet of groundwater. The ancient Simsboro is already being mined far beyond its miniscule recharge.

Check out this article by Al Braden of and come on out to the hearing in Bastrop this Wednesday, Sept. 26, 7 pm, Bastrop Convention Center, 1408 Chestnut, Bastrop.

►NW Austin residents!

District 6 Councilmember Jimmy Flannigan is using the “NW Coalition” to promote his position on a nearly $1 billion bond package and on Props J (CodeNEXT) and Prop K (Efficienty Audit) placed on the ballot via petition. The meeting is on Monday night, Sept. 24, 6:30 to 8:30 pm, at the Spicewood Springs Library, 8637 Spicewood Springs Road.

For years the Austin Growth Machine put its foot to the pedal. It’s now up to you to take it off.

Is the Chamber running Austin?

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