We get why Precourt lobbyists are invoking Nelson Mandela as they rush this sucker-soccer stadium. They need someone believable to snooker Austin as they get their paws on prime publicly owned property at McKalla — in the middle of an affordability crisis!

Austin Mayor Steve Adler’s action late on Friday is truly audacious. The Mayor must have been working like greased lightening with Precourt lobbyist Richard Suttle. All we see is an altered agenda for a previously scheduled staff briefing on the budget set for Wednesday to a Special Meeting on the Stadium. And, the city released the “new” soccer deal. It’s called a term sheet.

Here’s why this is still a sucker-soccer deal.

If you can join us at City Hall on Wednesday, please do. The Mayor is supposed to announce this morning just what time he’s calling us all in from on high to City Hall. (We’ll let you know.)

Mark our words. IF Austin works together (including genuine soccer fans), we can demand and get a real deal. Or the bums rush we’re getting from lobbyists and the Mayor will help forge the final end to using sports as a cover for grabbing taxpayer dollars.

AND, most important, we need your help to bring Austin together at this event on Thursday night where we, the citizens, will discuss OUR options~!

No Sucker-Soccer Stadium Without a Public Vote!

Thursday, August 2, 6:30 to 8:30 pm

The Local Post Pub, 7113 Burnet Rd (here on Facebook or share this message)

We will share with you plans developing to run a vibrant effort across the city to win your right to vote on this stinky deal.
Note:  The CodeNEXT petition drive left us broke. We need your financial and volunteer support to make this happen!

Join us on Thursday, or send a check to:
IndyAustin, PO Box 41479, Austin, TX 78704, or

Give online here.

You’ll get a kick out of our 8-minute segment on Friday’s Todd and Don show on KLBJ-AM.
We heard discussion about the stadium went on all day.

Let’s join together to teach all of Austin Mandela’s most important lesson. Only the citizens have the real power to make change for the better.

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