Adler not only promised to make growth pay for itself, Adler's BIG broken promise was to be a 1-term Mayor!

Is Austin’s progressive media keeping Austin dazed and confused?

Austin progressives have known for a long time how the Austin Chronicle has operated as a liberal cover for the the real estate “growth machine.” (See our last message how they have opposed every citizen petition since 1997.)

But when the “progressive” Austin Chronicle turned up its nose to a highly qualified progressive woman running for Mayor — Laura Morrison — over a fake like Steve Adler, what else can we tell you but this:

Pass Prop J, to prevent another CodeNEXT.
Replace Renteria (Dist. 3) & Stop Skidmore (Dist. 9)
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Here’s what else you can do to help to stop “progressive” media keeping Austin dazed and confused.

Ask your favorite local media outlet to cover the huge conflicts of interest of Steve Adler’s Land Empire. We released this last Friday. We also provided copious documentation of our claims that the Adlers have financial ties to at least 71 properties currently assessed at $319 million.

Also, ask media to give Austin voters fair warning that the Soccer (Sucker) Stadium subsidies are — right now — in negotiation behind closed doors at City Hall. Austin voters won’t see the deal until after this election.

Moreover, Adler and his Council majority gave the City Manager the power to negotiate and execute the deal without so much as a review and vote of the Council. This deal involves $100s of millions in property tax exemptions on publicly owned land. That land — called McKalla — was designated prime property for affordable housing. The deal stinks so bad the Travis County Commissioners Court voted unanimously to reserve the right to challenge the giveaways of THEIR tax dollars by the City of Austin.

That’s why IndyAustin is at the polls getting petitions signed and
handing out our Boot Adler fliers!

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