The City’s decision to put the word public back in Austin libraries, reported on here in The Austin Bulldog — “City Lifts Ban on Library Petitioning“, is a victory for the right to petition!

Therefore,  the CodeNEXT petition drive is extended through this weekend for a turn in on Monday, March 19.

So, please sign up to petition as a volunteer with Indy Austin at your local library this week — especially Saturday!

You might read this piece in today’s Statesman that blames Austin’s “NIMBY” (Not in My Backyard) Austin Neighborhood Council leader, Jeff Jack, for the presumptive “kill” of CodeNEXT. With all due respect to Jeff and the ANC, it isn’t the “NIMBYs” who are killing Austin, or even CodeNEXT. In fact it is the real estate lobby — and their henchman (aka political consultants) like Mark Littlefield who is quoted in the piece — that brought it on themselves.

Did y’all hear about Dale Watson’s move to Memphis? The Austin music icon told KUT the truth when he said that, “Austin Sold Itself“. Some might say it all started years ago when developer and former Mayor Will Wynn slapped a corporate logo on the phrase “Keep Austin Weird”.

I Oppose the Hose Video on groundwater disputes that bring the region together

I Oppose the Hose Video

By the way, Wynn’s latest gig is apparently working with the water marketers at EndOp (now “Recharge). They’re engaged in the unrighteous siege on the Simsboro aquifer formation going on out in Bastrop, Lee, Milam and Burleson counties.

Watch the video, “I Oppose the San Antone Hose” that includes some important information on Austin’s current Mayor Steve Adler. It is his quest to keep Austin’s unfettered growth, especially between Austin and San Antonio, in high gear.


And so now, dear Austin, we must change what NIMBY means. It means to us at IndyAustin — Now I Must Beat You. This includes putting the word public back in libraries and in policy making itself.

Get those petitions into us pronto! And yes, sometimes the truth really hurts.