Right to Referendum

Let the people vote

Remember the unnecessary $1B “mistake on the lake” water treatment plant?

Remember The Domain luxury shopping mall tax subsidies still in place?

Remember the $2.3 billion biomass contract rammed through Council in 2 weeks? The city is paying $54 million per year for no electricity?

Referendum is a public vote to repeal or uphold City Council decisions…
and a right denied by the City of Austin!

Austin is the only major city in Texas whose charter does not designate a period of time for collecting referendum petition signatures before City decisions go into effect.

Sign the Petition so we can vote for:

  • A 30-day period before Council decisions go into effect, in which citizens may file intent to petition for referendum.
  • A clarified180-day period to collect signatures for a petition to referendum, the same period granted for other petitions such as charter amendments.
  • “Emergency” exemptions from referendum challenges must be agreed upon by a supermajority — 8 of 11 Council members.

Note: Only registered voters in Austin can sign this petition.

You must sign a hard copy.

Online petitions for public votes are not allowed in Texas.

More About Austin, Petitions, and the Citizen's Right to Referendum

A new coalition is forming to restore one of the most fundamental political tools in our democracy — the right to petition for voter referendum. Austin is the only large Home Rule city in Texas that restricts the right of citizens to petition for a public vote to reverse a City Council decision. This allows the 11-member Council to make decisions that will impact Austin for generations and go into effect the following day, while the only recourse left for affected citizens is trying to vote them out of office… 2 to 4 years later after the damage is done!

We hope to see this change. That is why we are petitioning to amend Austin’s city charter in order to create a window of time after Council decisions for concerned citizens to circulate petitions to put the decision to a vote by the people.


About Indy Austin

IndyAustin.org is a specific purpose political action committee filed with the City of Austin on August 14, 2017. Its purpose is to promote petition campaigns for a public vote in the city of Austin for either the May or November 2018 ballot



FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to print & return our petitions
Step 1

Download And Print A Petition

Make sure you print all pages!

Step 2

Sign And Date It

Write your Birth Date or Voter ID. Ask your friends to sign too!

Step 3

Stamp And Mail

Don't forget to submit all pages before the petition deadline to:

PO Box 41479
Austin, TX 78704

I can't print... can i still sign?


Texas does not accept online petitions, so our supporters who are not able to print & mail their petition
signature are have three options:

1. Visit our mobile Petition Wagon.

We will be touring around Austin hosting signing events so come see us. Check out our Tour Schedule.


2. Invite us to your neighborhood

We can bring our petition wagon to your neighborhood. We’ll even help you set up an event!


3. Send us your snail mail address