Central Health got sued today. Remember, they forgot the poor. The Statesman forgot to mention the Senator Kirk Watson’s involvement.

Thankfully, we have the full story here from The Austin Bulldog.

Then, read this letter Bill Aleshire just sent to the Commissioners Court, including Judge Eckhardt.

Judge Eckhardt’s statement about the Central Health lawsuit is dishonest and trying, like a typical two-faced “liberal,” to politically have it both ways. Her corrupt negligence on Central Health means she forfeited any right to claim to speak for “our community.”

She has a legal and moral duty to know whether tax money that she and the Commissioners have approved is actually spent on health care for poor residents of Travis County. The honest truth is that she doesn’t know, or apparently even care, if the money she approved for Central Health’s budget was diverted to illegal purposes and at Tuesday’s Commissioners Court meeting, she wouldn’t even support an audit to find out. It is no coincidence that this lawsuit was filed right after Eckhardt and two Commissioners refused to adopt requirements that Central Health prove they are using tax dollars just for health care and not for UT medical school expenses. That money is supposed to be used to treat patients, not to teach medical students.

Travis County taxpayers should not be treated like suckers, the only property taxpayers in Texas to pay for a State medical school, especially if it’s an illegal use of tax dollars restricted to providing actual health care to poor Travis County residents. I can only hope that God and “our community” will hold this modern day Pontius Pilate accountable for her betrayal of her duty to poor people in Travis County. Eckhardt has earned an opponent in the upcoming election, and I hope voters get a choice to elect someone who really believes the oath of office to uphold the laws … without having to get sued.

If you didn’t read our IndyAustin piece last month about Central Health, “Whatever Happened to Sarah Eckhardt’s Courage and Heart, the poor and the sick would like to know,” please do.