Are you clear yet on Steve Adler’s Shell Game?

The shell game, according to Wikipedia, is “almost always a confidence trick used to perpetrate fraud.”

Is the Mayor losing confidence so badly he has to run a full page ad in the Chronicle fabricating attacks on IndyAustin?

Is he really claiming with a straight face that IndyAustin is doing “dark money”? But wait, then Adler actually tells you just where $55,000 out-of-state donations to IndyAustin came from. Might you then ask how he knows this information if we didn’t disclose it? That’s the definition of dark money, folks.

Are you laughing yet?

Watch this 1-minute video to see plainly what the Mayor is hiding.

Then, share away, dear Austin! 

Also, be sure to sign the petition for your right to stop the Sucker Stadium subsidies. Look for our petitioners at the early polls OR print the petition or order one mailed to you. Obviously, part of our ask is also to give Adler the Boot!

Early polls are open through a week from today, November 2.

Not sure how else to vote in this city election? Mayoral candidates, progressive Laura Morrison aced our questionnaire, and conservative Todd Phelps did well.  Visit our scorecards here. Be sure to click through to our page at IndyAustin participated in Informed Vote’s new platform. It really is informative on the city races.

Don’t forget to vote Yes on Prop J to Prevent Another CodeNEXT

Thanks to Adler’s shell game now Prop K becomes imperative too.

That the Mayor is playing such games on dark money, you really should vote Yes on Prop K for a city audit. Though it’s true that the the Prop K campaign didn’t report their donors for their petition drive, they are now. And, even the City Auditor said a second set of eyes on the City Budget is a good idea. We think so too.

Here’s the Steve Adler Attack Ad on IndyAustin. We’re happy to answer any and all claims made by the Mayor. We also hope he didn’t pay his consultant much for this.

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Don’t forget to take a look at our copiously documented claim about Steve Adler’s Land Empire here.