Join us at the Women’s March!

Join us at the Women’s March!

Join us at the Women’s March tomorrow, Saturday, January 20th, please join us at the Women’s March at the Capitol (south steps) from 1 to 4 pm.

You might get there early — it will be HUGE.

Event details — including earlier events — HERE.

Join us at the Women's March

Look for our table on the east side of the Capitol Grounds at 12th & Brazos

Want to hook up with us? Look for our two tables with CodeNEXT signs on them near the sidewalk

Join us at the Women's March

Look for our table on the west side of the Capitol Grounds 12th and Colorado.

entrances to the Capitol grounds on the eastside (12th & Brazos) and westside (12th and Colorado).

If you don’t find us, here’s what you need:

CodeNEXT Petition Here.

Petitioners Instructions Here. 
(Remember, ONLY Austin voters should sign it. And, they must sign it and print their name.)

Thanks to Mayor Steve Adler,
here’s 50,000 reasons we need a public vote on CodeNEXT!

Yesterday’s Austin Monitor Whispers mentions Mayor Adler’s support to bring Amazon’s new HQ here.That’s at least 50,000 new residents. That’s also an example of the demand side of the “demand-supply” equation that those pushing CodeNEXT never mention.

Done yet with all the slick talk? Join us tomorrow!

Can’t make it? Sign up to volunteer here or give us a call. We love hearing from you.

Filing deadline for CodeNEXT changed!

Filing deadline for CodeNEXT changed!

The big news is that our Filing Deadline for CodeNEXT changed. We’re NOT going for a May election. We’re headed for November!

We will take the full 180-days permitted to gather signatures on the CodeNEXT petition!

Rather than file in January, we will file towards the end of March 2018. Read more below about why this decision was made.

In the picture you see some of our petition team at the wonderful Martin Luther King Day March and Festival on Monday.


If yes, call us at 512.535.0989. And stay connected and sign up, or email us at

  • Join us for the Women’s March at the Capitol THIS Saturday, January 20, 2018, 1-4 pm!

  • Mark your calendars! Petition at the early polls during the Texas primary – Tuesday, Feb. 23 thru Friday, March 2, 2018.

We have decided to go for the November ballot for these reasons:

  1. No other items would be on the May ballot. We didn’t want to force the City to spend $800,000 on an election for one item.
  2. We are keen to get the largest voter turnout possible for the vote on Code Next. Far more people will be voting in November. 

  3. Collecting more signatures on this petition will better ensure passage. There’s no such thing as getting “too many” signatures.

By the way, here’s how Austin’s hyper-growth agenda is doing harm to our entire region, just out from the League of Independent Voters. Read the report from last night’s Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District meeting here.

Don’t Be a Political Chump: Join us on Martin Luther King Day!

Don’t Be a Political Chump: Join us on Martin Luther King Day!

“You put them first, and they put you last. ‘Cause you’re a chump. A political chump! … Any time you throw your weight behind a political party that controls two-thirds of the government, and that party can’t keep the promise that it made to you during election time, and you are dumb enough to walk around continuing to identify yourself with that party — you’re not only a chump but you’re a traitor to your race.” — Malcolm X

Malcolm X was an outspoken independent leader who came to embrace all people. His independence formed the basis of his eventual alliance with Dr. Martin Luther King. A fact forgotten in history is Dr. King considered running for President as an independent with peace movement leader Dr. Ben Spock to bring together the predominantly white peace movement with the civil rights movement.

In that spirit, we hope to see you at the Martin Luther King Day March and Festival. This event is a food drive for the Capital Area Food Bank. Please bring non-perishable food items to any locations along the route of this event.  Hook up with us at 9 am at UT, at 10 am at the Capitol south steps, or at our booth on Huston-Tillotson campus starting from 10 am to 3 pm. Look for the “CodeNEXT Wrecks Austin” signs.  

Has the Mayor asked you for money? Non-chumps unite!

We got a call from a supporter of ours who received a call from Mayor Steve Adler, asking for $350 for his reelection campaign. Our supporter — not a chump — politely told him no, and then called us to pledge the $350 to us.

Rumor has it, that within a few weeks, Adler has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. We should ask ourselves why the popular Mayor, a wealthy man, needs your money to run a reelection campaign?

Could it be that the Mayor is going to need a LOT of money because he is, in effect, running against the people – by opposing your right to vote on CodeNEXT?

CodeNEXT, a massive overhaul of the city’s land development code has multi-billion dollar potential consequences that can impact your affordability for decades. But don’t worry, the Mayor’s got it covered — NOT!

What a Contested Mayor Race Gets You

Political Chump,Austin Mayor Steve Adler has a formidable opponent -- former Councilwoman Laura Morrison

Austin Mayor Steve Adler has a formidable opponent — former Councilwoman Laura Morrison

We hope Laura Morrison’s entry into the Mayoral race brings the city’s growth policies (the demand side of the demand/supply debate) – finally – into high profile.

The Mayor and his allies want to keep talking only about the lack of housing supply – the supply side. They never want to talk about the demand side of this equation – in-migration, mass population growth, spurred on by the real estate lobby. “The Lobby” is primarily the Austin Area Chamber of Commerce and Real Estate Council — truly the tail that has wagged the dog in Austin for as long as most of us can remember. The Chamber has recently been working behind the scenes to get Amazon to build their new headquarters in the Austin area, bringing at least 50,000 new people to the area.

Don’t be a political chump. Help us get more signatures for your right to vote on CodeNEXT.

Download the petition here.

OR contact us here and we’ll mail you one.

Where the Council Stands on Your Right to Vote on CodeNEXT

You might have missed during the holiday break this excellent Statesman Editorial on December 28, 2017, that asked the Council members their thoughts on CodeNEXT. We were impressed that they clearly stated their position on the Austin voters’ right to vote on it:

Those who oppose a public vote on CodeNEXT at this time: Mayor Steve Adler, Council members Casar, Renteria, Garza, Flannigan, and Kitchen.

Those who support your right to petition for a public vote on CodeNEXT are: Mayor Pro Tem Kathie Tovo, Councilmembers Houston, Alter, and Pool.

What’s 10-1 Got to Do With It?

Mayor Adler, in response to the Statesman’s question of whether he supports putting CodeNEXT up for a public vote said:

“No. Austin just went through a transition from an at-large City Council to a 10-1 district council to ensure that every district has an equal vote, and to ensure that wealthier parts of the city with greater voter turnout no longer control all local decisions. The effort to put CodeNEXT on the ballot is an attempted refusal of the 10-1 system and a return to the old way Austin used to decide everything, which we know is unfair to lower income and minority communities.”

Councilwoman Delia Garza, who actually invented the “Trust Austin” slogan for 10-1, responded to this question with:

“The people pushing for a vote on a very detailed thousand-page document are trying to disingenuously take away power from the 10-1 system that we all worked so hard to create.”

This is Austin politics, folks. These Councilmembers claim that 10-1 (in reality, they mean themselves) ensures better representation than a public vote involving hundreds of thousands of Austinites! This is a contradiction of the spirit of 10-1. It is also a denial of the people’s ultimate check and balance on local government. The right to petition in Texas cities was passed in 1913 as part of the Texas constitutional amendment for home rule. Review our Petition Rights slide show here and stay tuned for more.

There are those who engage in further efforts to daze and confuse Austin. The pro-CodeNEXT AURA (Austin for Urban Rail Action) has been engaging in similar deception, that the petition for the right to vote on CodeNEXT should be likened to a 1968 referendum to fight fair housing!

Non-Political Chumps Unite – sign the petition! 

On October 20, 2017, the Austin American-Statesman Editorial Board wrote:   

The decision over CodeNext should be made by Austin’s 10-1 council, elected from districts to represent neighborhoods and their interests. But if the council continues to display a tin ear, no one can blame Austin residents for opting for a referendum on CodeNext.

Political Chump, Ja'corey Odu petitioning at Planet K on CodeNEXT

Ja’corey Odu registering voters and petitioning at Planet K on CodeNEXT and a new sign ordinance

Print, sign and mail the petition, OR

Send us a note to mail it to you, OR

Filing Deadline for Petitions.

We are currently assessing when to file the CodeNEXT petition.

The deadline to get the petition on the ballot for the May 2018 election is the end of January 2018.

Help us decide, download the petitions, get them signed, and turned into us pronto.

And, please do send IndyAustin some dough!

Malcolm X also said, “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” In a post 10-1 Austin, we might replace the word “newspapers” with “politicians.” It happens to the best of them.

The third draft of CodeNEXT is coming out on or about February 13, 2018. The petition for a public vote on CodeNEXT is to secure your right to vote on whatever the Council ultimately passes. For lots more on the objections to CodeNEXT, please visit Community Not Commodity here.

This article was written by David Jones, an Austin renter still holding on in Austin, and Linda Curtis, a resident of Bastrop, and one of thousands of displaced Austinites. More about them here.

CodeNEXT Petition Signing Event!

CodeNEXT Petition Signing Event!

St. Nick signs for the right to vote on CodeNEXT

St. Nick signed for the right to vote on CodeNEXT outside Palmer Events Center. And you?

On the heels of receiving the CodeNEXT petition in your neighborhood newsletter, at your door or over the internet (though you cannot sign online), this is the second event geared towards getting those signatures into us at IndyAustin. This is happening days before we expect to file this petition on January 16th with the Austin City Clerk. (Please note, though we are currently headed for placement of this issue on the May ballot, our preference is for November. Visit this report in The Austin Bulldog for more information).

In case you missed it, you can:

Download and print the CodeNEXT petition here.

Come on over for some New Year’s cheer and bring some neighbors, family and friends with you! Fred — and really great refreshments will be served!

Thanks to some the good folks active in the Allendale neighborhood and NW Austin community activist, Ed English for making this happen! (We all enjoyed the first one on December 21st.)

Join us tonight, Morrison runs, Bastrop/Lee Landowners Big Win, join us at MLK!

Join us tonight, Morrison runs, Bastrop/Lee Landowners Big Win, join us at MLK!

  • Join us tonight (Jan 9) for the second CodeNEXT petition signing event put on by our pal, Ed English? Join us tonight at Frisco’s starting at 6:30 pm, sign the petition, and grab some to take to your friends. We’ll have an important announcement soon about our filing deadline plans. Tonight’s Event Details here.
  • Did you see yesterday’s Statesman article about former City Councilwoman Laura Morrison running against Mayor Steve Adler — questioning Austin’s growth policies? She has already been seen about town questioning CodeNEXT. Read the article here.
  • Did you see that landowners and residents east of Austin in Bastrop and Lee counties just won a big round in court to protect of the very slow recharge aquifer known as the Simsboro? This was about just 1 of 3 mega-permit demands on the Simsboro formation of the Carrizo-Wilcox aquifer. Notably, End Op LP (now called “Recharge”) includes former Austin Mayor Will Wynn, who has been seen at meetings of the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District. Read the Statesmen’s article [on the Bastrop win] here.
  • For an excellent overview of the central Texas water wars and what Austin has to do with it,
    I Oppose the Hose Video on groundwater disputes that bring the region together

    I Oppose the Hose Video

    watch this 17-minute video. (Or click on the video with the horses).

  • Don’t you think Austin officials might at least raise an eyebrow about a private trade organization, otherwise known as the Austin Area Chamber of Commerce, continuing to try to woo the new Amazon headquarters to Austin. See Texas Monthly article here and think about how bringing 50,000 Amazon employees will impact your affordability and mobility as well as your neighbors across central Texas.

We hope to see you all at the Martin Luther King Day March and celebration this coming Monday! Learn more about the event here, or feel free to reply to this email or call us.

PS IndyAustin does not endorse candidates, but we do love electoral competition!