The Growth Machine Cometh. The real story.

The Growth Machine Cometh. The real story.

Without further ado, the growth machine cometh.

Groucho Marx, the growth machine cometh

Click on Groucho to watch our favorite video, Hot Air Adler.

IndyAustin is fighting for your right to vote on the big-ticket items like CodeNEXT — yes, Vote YES, on Prop J! (Have you seen our Yes on J video?!)

IndyAustin will continue to fight for your right to vote on the $100s of millions in property tax exemptions for the sucker-soccer stadium. (Go here to our petition page).

There needs to be a regional movement to stop the destructive plans of the central Texas growth machine.

Those plans include bringing the “California Water Model” to Central Texas. They want to continue to build a megalopolis between Williamson and Bexar counties with water exported out of the eastern rural counties.

Did the growth machine not notice that California is now trying to reverse 50-years of such disastrous groundwater policy?

As we wrote earlier, Austin has been pushing hyper-growth for a long time. The comprehensive land development code overhaul known as CodeNEXT was not about reasonable density, it’s about the real estate machine wanting both density and sprawl, they want it all.

Are we being unfair to Mayor Steve Adler?

In this video “I Oppose the San Antone Hose,” at about 1-minute, learn about Adler’s presentation at the 2015 Growth Summit in San Marcos. He bragged about Austin being the fastest growing city in the U.S..This is despite making affordability out of reach for the many, evidenced by the exodus of the African-American population. Adler was egging on then San Antonio Mayor, Ivy Taylor, in front of the growth lobby. She soon got the boot from San Antonio voters.

Fact is that no city could keep up with competition of scorched earth growth policies going on now between the cities of Austin and San Antonio. San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg is hysterical to stop three San Antonio Firefighter-led ballot measures (Props A, B and C). Prop A — reasonable petition requirements for referenda (a petition for a public vote to reverse Council decisions) is in the bullseye. The growth machine has amassed a $2 million+ war chest to shoot down all three props. They are working overtime to protect their investment in the destructive $3.4B Vista Ridge “San Antone Hose” (See San Antonio First site here.)

Have you seen those anti-Prop J ads/signs saying, “Don’t Trump Austin?” Truth is that IF The Donald were involved – and he isn’t – he is famously, a high-rise developer, and therefore more likely to support the anti-Prop J pro-growth machine people making these manipulative claims.

Just remember what this is really about —
ending public votes via the petition process.

It’s also about dazing and confusing Austin while cashing in on Austin’s affordability crisis.

Give Adler and his manipulators in the growth machine the boot!

Vote Yes on Prop J. (More here at Let Us Vote Austin site here.)

Join us on the petition trails! Call us at 512.535.0989 or email us at

Remember Austn is not just one big real estate play. Some of us are actually trying to live here.

Here’s where we parked information about our gaffe on Monday, including our apology sent directly to Mayor Steve Adler. And we meant it.

Adler Whines, Real Estate Cronies Dine, Sucker Stadium fine!

Adler Whines, Real Estate Cronies Dine, Sucker Stadium fine!

Adler Whines, Real Estate Cronies Dine & Sucker Stadium Subsidies in $100s of Millions are Just Fine!

Mayor Steve Adler has yet to respond to the press release issued by IndyAustin last Friday, “Steve Adler’s Land Empire, aka S.A.L.E.” The release paints another picture of Mayor Steve Adler by showing the Adlers have:

“…financial interests tied to at least 71 properties in Travis, Williamson and Hays Counties. Those properties are currently assessed at $319 million (see this map). These extensive property interests pose ethical challenges to conducting such city business as deciding where to increase zoning densities or where to spend transportation bonds, to name just a few issues.”

Instead, the Adler campaign counter-attacked IndyAustin on Saturday in an email with the subject line: “Under Attack from Outside Austin.”

Linda Curtis, a co-founder of IndyAustin and longtime independent political activist said,

“Steve Adler and his cronies at City Hall are a bunch of whiners for the Growth Machine and try to divert voters’ attention while he is throwing $100s of millions in property tax exemptions to a California millionaire by the name of Anthony Precourt for a sucker stadium. This is what he sounds like to us.”

David King, a neighborhood leader from the Zilker neighborhood said,

“The Statesman editorial board is supporting a YES on Prop J, to reserve voters’ right to vote on CodeNEXT or its next iteration. Meanwhile the Mayor and his team try to defeat the measure and using the so-called ‘progressive’ media to do their dirty work for the Austin growth machine. The growth machine wants one thing. They want to build the megalopolis between Williamson and Bexar counties, come hell or high water – pun totally intended.”

The so-called ‘progressive” Austin Chronicle
didn’t just start fighting petitioners in this election.

They fought petitioners in 1997, urging Austin voters to vote no on campaign finance reform put forth by “Austinites for A Little Less Corruption.” Petitioners won at 72%. In 2008, the Chronicle fought petitioners attempts to stop The Domain luxury shopping mall subsidies – petitioners lost at 48%. In 2012, the Chronicle fought petitioners again when Austin passed 10-1 and the first and only independent citizens redistricting commission in Texas. Petitioners for 10-1 won at 60%.

On Saturday, IndyAustin released their scorecard urging Austin voters to vote for Laura Morrison for Mayor, and to vote for a candidate (Valadez or Almanza) to replace District 3, Pio Renteria, to oppose Danielle Skidmore in District 9 with Linda O’Neal or Kathie Tovo, and to support Mitra Avini, a rising star in District 1.

For more information call 512.535.0989 or email us at

Watch IndyAustin short-video, “Hot Air Adler” for a list of reasons IndyAustin urges voters to Boot Adler and his Sucker Stadium.

IndyAustin is circulating this scorecard of Morrison v. Adler out on Facebook.

Volunteers can join petitioners at the early polls to gather signatures for the right to vote on the Stadium deal. Volunteers are also passing out IndyAustin scorecards. Call or text us at 512.657.2089.

Boot Adler and His Sucker Stadium Petition Party!

Boot Adler and His Sucker Stadium Petition Party!

Join us at this Boot Adler and His Sucker Stadium Petition Party for some fun and games at Big Daddy’s.

We’ll have a $100 prize for whomever brings in the most signatures on the Succer Soccer Stadium Petition. Click here to go to our petition page for all you need or call us for materials.

We’ll also play some GOOD political games for a change! Remember at the last party, Peter won “best slogan” for the Adler Currency: “Good Luck in Your New Job, Steve!” Unfortunately, Peter just got a cheap slap on the back because that’s all we could afford given Austin rents and property taxes. 🙂

Are you up to some fun and games booting Adler and his sucker stadium?

Good luck in your new job, Steve!

What the Mayor and his majority are doing to Austin is neither fun or funny. Like how ’bout blaming the community  — and the 30,000+ people who signed the petition to vote on CodeNEXT for CodeNEXT’s failure? YES on Prop J, y’all!

The Adler majority — 7 out of 11 Council Members — voted in August to send the the largest tax subsidy (or “exemption of property taxes”) in Austin History for a Soccer Stadium on public land behind closed doors for negotiation AND execution. In other words, the final deal will never be voted on by the City Council, much Austin voters!

We’re inviting all candidates who oppose the stadium “deal” and support the rights of voters to vote on it. Come one, come all!

We have lots of print outs, stickers, Adler currency (only worth the paper it’s written on) so you can share information we’ve parked on this petition page.

This petition drive will continue through November 13 though this petition does not need to be filed until January 2019 for the May 2019 ballot.

Here’s the media release on this petition drive launch.

Call us at 512.535.0989 or email us at though we really want to see you at this event.

Visit our “Klep Blog” for our latest news.

Is the Chamber trying to fix this election?

Is the Chamber trying to fix this election?

Is the Austin Chamber trying to fix this election?

The Chamber has excluded Linda O’Neal (District 9 candidate) from their candidate forum to be held this Monday, Sept. 24, 5:30 to 7 pm at the Central Library.

There are only 3 candidates in the District 9 race. But Linda is the only one to stand up to the Soccer stadium giveaway. (Remember, the stinky sucker stadium deal will not be final until after this election.)

Linda O’Neal, District 9 candidate, teacher and smart cookie!

Linda is a local teacher and a smart cookie.
Click on Linda’s picture to visit her website.

Here’s the Chamber’s response to Linda’s question about the decision to exclude her.


We are encouraged by the number of residents who have committed to run for office. This event was set prior to the campaign filing deadline and the time frame only allows for the invitees. We welcome your participation on our soon-to-be released candidate questionnaires which we will place on a public website for voters to see and better understand each candidate’s vision for Austin.

Thank you,
Tina Grider-Cannon
Vice President of Government Relations

BTW, In the crowded Mayor’s race, the Chamber has also excluded the only Republican (to our knowledge) who’s running — Todd Phelps. So, if the Chamber is truly worried about too many candidates on the dais, they could have set fair criteria for exclusion.

►Is it a coincidence that the President of the Austin Chamber Board,
Phil Wilson, is also the general manager of the LCRA?

The Lower Colorado River Authority recently joined the siege on the Simsboro aquifer just east of Austin. And the LCRA is pushing for a mega-permit of 25,000 acre-feet of groundwater. The ancient Simsboro is already being mined far beyond its miniscule recharge.

Check out this article by Al Braden of and come on out to the hearing in Bastrop this Wednesday, Sept. 26, 7 pm, Bastrop Convention Center, 1408 Chestnut, Bastrop.

►NW Austin residents!

District 6 Councilmember Jimmy Flannigan is using the “NW Coalition” to promote his position on a nearly $1 billion bond package and on Props J (CodeNEXT) and Prop K (Efficienty Audit) placed on the ballot via petition. The meeting is on Monday night, Sept. 24, 6:30 to 8:30 pm, at the Spicewood Springs Library, 8637 Spicewood Springs Road.

For years the Austin Growth Machine put its foot to the pedal. It’s now up to you to take it off.

Is the Chamber running Austin?

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  2. Donate to IndyAustin.
  3. Check out the YES on Prop J website and YES on Prop K website. Nice work!
Boot Adler and save us time and money.

Boot Adler and save us time and money.

IndyAustin has postponed tomorrow’s press conference and event. Instead, we really want to hear from you. You can reply to this message or give us a call.

We are considering doing a petition to reserve your right to vote on a $375,000,000 taxpayer giveaway Precourt Soccer Stadium in May 2019. This “Sucker Stadium” deal is currently being negotiated in secrecy and will be executed in the DARK, thanks to Mayor Steve Adler.

Today, we’re wondering why bother since you could just save us the time and expense by giving Adler the boot this November.

Did you happen to catch the Mayor on KVUE’s, “Monday with the Mayor” yesterday? The Mayor repeatedly called Propositions J & K “a joke.” And then

Snouldn't you boot Adler?

Does the Mayor have a problem seeing in the dark?

proceeded to confuse them. Note: Prop J is the CodeNEXT petition and Prop K is the Efficiency Audit, not the way Adler had them swtiched. Watch this 5 minute KVUE clip. ►

Tell us if you think the Mayor might also have some confusion counting zeros.

Let’s see, IndyAustin spent about $80,000 on getting Prop J (CodeNEXT) on the ballot. If you vote YES on Prop J, you will secure your right in the future to vote on a comprehensive change in the land development code that involves BILLIONS (that’s at least 9 zeros, Mayor!) in development decisions.

So, here’s our question for you, dear Austin. Should IndyAustin try to raise the money it takes to do a stadium petition drive or might we do best getting 100,000 of these buttons out across Austin?

The Mayor goes on to cry “dark money” was used for both petitions. Sorry, might this be the kettle calling the pot black?!

By the way, IndyAustin reports the names on all donations above $50, as per campaign finance requirements.

Does the Mayor really have a hard time counting zeros? Or maybe it’s just that he can’t see in the dark.

What do you think? Contact us or give us a call at 512.535.0989.

Like us on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter to help us run an effective grassroots effort.

Here’s our latest blog with the candidate questionnaire we hope you’re using.