Don’t be a Gomer or a goober, get those signatures in pronto!

Don’t be a Gomer or a goober, get those signatures in pronto!

Don’t be a Gomer or a goober! Do you have signatures on the petition for the right to vote on CodeNEXT sitting in your trunk, on your credenza or that YOU MEANT to go get from a neighbor or two?

Get your signatures in pronto. We plan to file the petition sometime next week, so don’t panic but get them into us asap.

We are processing tens thousands of petitions and…it’s not too late for you to turn in some more!

You can come by 309 E. 11th Street (at Trinity — the Public Citizen Office) anytime between 10 am and 7 pm to deliver your signatures.

If you have questions OR still want to get a few more folks to sign, call or text Linda Curtis at 512.657.2089.

Here’s our CodeNEXT page for all you need.

Thanks to those who contributed over the last few weeks to our efforts!

We continue to have needs for additional funds – for processing. So keep those dollars comin’! Use the DONATE link above or send a check made out to IndyAustin and mail it to PO Box 41479, Austin, TX 78704. Thank you!

Dumb and Dumber: We’re Not Done Round 2

Dumb and Dumber: We’re Not Done Round 2

Yesterday’s Statesman article entitled, “City Attorney Says CodeNEXT Petition is invalid”, brought us to this announcement: Dumb and Dumber. We stand by our statement that the Austin powers that be are trying to pull off a dumb move to deny you your right to vote on CodeNEXT.

There is a remedy to Dumb and Dumber. Keep reading.

Also yesterday, a second warning letter was sent by our attorney and open government expert, Bill Aleshire, to the City Attorney, City Manager and Library Director. The letter urges that the city discontinue interference with petitioners at public library locations.

We’re not dumb and dumber — we have a remedy!

Go forth and multiply. Help us gather 2500 signatures by this coming Thursday, March 15th.

We have continued needs to cover the costs of petitioning and processing. Please contribute, however small here.

Button to Donate for IndyAustin's CodeNEXT petition drive

Funds are needed to pay for the costs of petitioning.

Join us at either of these events tomorrow, Saturday, March 10th:

  • Barton Springs Reopening Splash: 1 to 5 pm, please bring signed petitions to Barton Springs – either entrance – OR send your friends to come sign the petition. (Click here for the event page you can share).
  • Volunteer outside your favorite library. Remember, the most that will happen is a library security guard will ask you to move to the outer perimeter sidewalk or to leave. If you refuse to leave, they will issue you a warning that expires in 24 hours. We are also documenting this interference in case we do have to file suit.

Call or text 512.657.2089 or send us an email to Thank you!

We Might Not Make It! Troublemakers Unite!

We Might Not Make It! Troublemakers Unite!

We Might Not Make It! Troublemakers Unite!

Due to weather, the flu, and lack of public access for our petitioners, we are not sure we can make our petition deadline of March 15th to file the petitions for your right to vote on CodeNEXT.

And, the good news is that we can make it with YOUR help!

Do you want the right to vote on CodeNEXT—a major overhaul of the land development code that carries potentially dramatic effects on Austin’s affordability?

We have lost faith in our “leaders”, but not in YOU, Austin!
Please fill out this form to VOLUNTEER

or give us a call asap at 512.535.0989.

Here’s how you get on the Petition Band Wagon:

The Petition Wagon

Papoose is the model name for this Scotsman vintage trailer Indy Austin uses as its petition wagon.

1.  Volunteer at any of the events below—or go get some signatures on your own. Print the petition here or have us mail you one.
2.  DONATE! We will need $10,000 more to ensure ballot access. Donate here.
3.  MOST IMPORTANT!  Step up to help at these following events!

If Mother Nature cooperates and you step up, we will make it with your volunteerism at these events:

This Saturday (Feb. 17), be outside your local library from 12 to 5? Or, just come sign the petition at these libraries.

The Austin Marathon this Sunday (Feb. 18) from 8 to the end of the race?

MOST IMPORTANT! Early Poll Sites starting next Tuesday, Feb. 20 thru Friday, March 2? (Early Voting Locations here.)

Fill out this Volunteer form here.

Pick up materials this Friday, Saturday or Monday at:

THIS Friday, Feb. 16:
10 am to 7 pm, Office at 309 E. 11th (at Trinity, SW corner) OR
5 to 7 pm, look for Ed English at the Sonic, 7708 N. Burnet

THIS Saturday, Feb. 17:
10 am to 3 pm, Office at 309 E. 11th (at Trinity, SW corner) OR
5 to 7 pm, look for Ed English (and free munchies) at Waterloo Ice House, 8600 Burnet

THIS Monday, Feb. 19:
10 am to 7 pm, Office at 309 E. 11th (at Trinity, SW corner)

Did you hear that the City of Austin released the Third DRAFT of CodeNEXT on Monday? But, whether this Third DRAFT is good, bad or still butt ugly, is subject to question.

We are awaiting experts we trust to review the 1500 pages of dense development code.

Meanwhile, we have a petition drive to complete, eh? That is, unless you trust the process at City Hall. That’s the same city that is allowing private negotiations with Amazon to bring their second headquarters here regardless of its reckless consequences.

What the City Council ultimately adopts (not a DRAFT) will be what we here at IndyAustin believe the voters should have a right to vote on.

Secure your right to vote on your future and share this message!

Fill out this volunteer form — or give us a call at 512.535.0989!

Button to Donate for IndyAustin's CodeNEXT petition drive

PS Have you told Jeff Bezos at Amazon how unreliable the City of Austin has become as a landing for their new headquarters? Send Bezos a note at after you read the piece we wrote about it here. And, stay tuned for Bill Aleshire’s Public Information Requests due back to us on Friday.

CodeNEXT Petition Signing Event!

CodeNEXT Petition Signing Event!

St. Nick signs for the right to vote on CodeNEXT

St. Nick signed for the right to vote on CodeNEXT outside Palmer Events Center. And you?

On the heels of receiving the CodeNEXT petition in your neighborhood newsletter, at your door or over the internet (though you cannot sign online), this is the second event geared towards getting those signatures into us at IndyAustin. This is happening days before we expect to file this petition on January 16th with the Austin City Clerk. (Please note, though we are currently headed for placement of this issue on the May ballot, our preference is for November. Visit this report in The Austin Bulldog for more information).

In case you missed it, you can:

Download and print the CodeNEXT petition here.

Come on over for some New Year’s cheer and bring some neighbors, family and friends with you! Fred — and really great refreshments will be served!

Thanks to some the good folks active in the Allendale neighborhood and NW Austin community activist, Ed English for making this happen! (We all enjoyed the first one on December 21st.)