Tune-In, Turn-In Petitions for a public vote on CodeNEXT

Tune-In, Turn-In Petitions for a public vote on CodeNEXT

Bring The Papoose Petition Wagon to your neighborhood! We’ll even bring ice-cream for the kiddos.

This event is being held on election night, November 7, for statewide constitutional amendments. Why? So, we can hopefully give you the motivation to give us a very nice BIG turn in of the thousands of pages of CodeNEXT petitions being circulated by IndyAustin and the Let Us Vote Austin (LUVA) political action committees. These are the SAME petition, folks, so carry either one but make sure people are signing only one of them. These should not be confused with the online petition either. For ballot access, only Austin voters can sign and they must sign a petition on paper — so we have an original signature!

The deadline to turn in petitions for CodeNEXT is early January — an exact date will be released closer to January. Therefore, we’d like to wrap this thing up before the holidays. Which one? Thanksgiving would be nice, but that depends on YOU!

Remember, we will need more than 20,000 valid signatures to file by then.

Here’s our CodeNEXT page with all you need right now.

Speakers will provide updates on CodeNEXT — there’s a lot happening, don’t ya know!

Plenty of free parking in the back!

PS Do you know of larger outdoor events we should bring The Papoose Petition Wagon to? Call Linda at 512-657-2089 or email us at contact@indyaustin.org

Press Conference — kick off of petitions for CodeNEXT & Referendum

Press Conference — kick off of petitions for CodeNEXT & Referendum

Thanks to the folks who showed up at this press event — especially our speakers, former State Senator Gonzalo Barrientos, NAACP-Austin Branch President, Nelson Linder and Republican leader, Roger Borgelt. Juiie Nitsch, serving as Indy Austin’s Communications Director did a great job facilitating our first press event.

Some of you might not know this, but ballot petitions are legal documents capable of forcing an election to take place. They are not done online. They must be done on paper. Come listen in and pick up petitions!

Press Conference!
September 14, 2:30 pm
Location:  Outside and on the Eastside of Austin City Hall, 301 W. 2nd Street
Look for “The Papoose” Petition Wagon

Leaders of the last citizens petition — the 10-1 system for geographic representation and independent citizens redistricting commission — are speaking at this event along with many new and old Austin friends of reform. We will focus on petitions to secure citizens right to Referendum (a vote to reverse Council decisions) and for the right to vote on CodeNEXT, a massive overhaul of the City of Austin’s land development code.

IndyAustin, a new political action committee established to manage petition drives for a public vote, has called this press conference.  Please visit our website for more about us.

We have invited Council members to come listen in or speak to us.

This event will be camera friendly!

Can’t make it? Download, print, sign and mail the Petition for Referendum from here and the Petition for a Public Vote on CodeNEXT from here. We’re also doing this petition for a new Sign Ordinance, though this will not be the subject of this press conference. We hope you’ll sign and send all three!

For more information call or text Linda Curtis at 512-657-2089

CodeNEXT Petition Drive is ON!

CodeNEXT Petition Drive is ON!

The CodeNEXT petition (click on this link==>) — PETITION FOR AN AUSTIN ORDINANCE REQUIRING BOTH A WAITING PERIOD AND VOTER APPROVAL!!!  (Note: only Austin voters can sign and must do so on paper. Online petitions are not an option in Texas for ballot access petitions.)

IndyAustin, a new citizens specific purpose political action committee, is now carrying three petitions calling for a public vote on:


  1. A public vote for Right to Referendum: the ultimate boondoggle buster! (link here)
  2. A public vote on a new sign ordinance – don’t let Austin get caught in the sign wars (link here)
  3. A public vote on CodeNEXT, a massive overhaul of Austin’s land development code favoring land speculation (read: more unaffordability!), again, click here for the CodeNEXT petition

Please start getting signatures from ONLY AUSTIN VOTERS on any or all of these petitions!

Just a quick heads up that our press conference to announce the Referendum and CodeNEXT petitions is this coming Thursday, Sept. 14th, at 2:30 pm at City Hall. Please plan to be there and bring your own homemade sign.

Today, Saturday, September 9th, we hope to see you at either of these events:

  • Community Not Commodity Event on CodeNEXT TODAY, 1:30 pm! Details here.
  • We’re petitioning at Little Woodrows 10th Anniversary Celebration at Southpark Meadows today from 3 to 6 pm. Pick up petitions and join in the fun. They’ve got dunkin’ booths and all kinds of silliness planned. Details here.

Who the heck is IndyAustin? Go to our About page and please like IndyAustin on Facebook here.

We will announce our office opening very soon!

Yes, of course we need moneyPLEASE DONATE!

Let Austin decide, y’all!

PS See our petition wagon (“The Papoose”)? Invite us to roll right over to your community to get on the petition wagon!