The Sucker Stadium fix is in but we believe that Austin has what it takes to unfix it.

After you read this message, we know you’re gonna want to take action. Here’s your to do list because WE are not suckers, are we, dear Austin?

  • Call your council member!!!
  • Come to Council tomorrow (Wednesday, starting at 3) if you can.
  • JOIN US! Thursday night for our own event at The Local Post Pub for a beer, a laugh and to help decide if we get on or off the petition wagon. (Share here on Facebook).


Yesterday’s Statesman article McKalla Place MLS stadium deal is a winner quotes the not-too-bright-but-brazen Precourt lobbyist, Richard Suttle. He tells us exactly how he and the Mayor plan to screw Austin on the stadium giveaway. Suttle says:

“Aug. 9 is a critical date for the council to approve the term sheet and to authorize the city manager to negotiate and execute definitive documents consistent with the term sheet.” So, they won’t have the deal by August 9. Not to worry, the City Manager can take care of that for the Council and ink it later!

We need your help to find out who else on the Council is going to engage in this trick.

Here’s what you can ask your Council Member:

“I respectfully ask that YOU make the final decision on the stadium contract – not the City Manager. AND, please put the stadium up for a  public vote in November.”

Note that Mayor Adler is quoted in this same article saying:

“I don’t know exactly how much that land is worth, but say it’s worth $20 million.”

We’re gonna help Mr. Adler out a little here. The City appraisal in 2016 for McKalla has it at $29.5M. But what’s a mere $10M here or there when you can throw public money to wolves like Suttle.

We suggest you don’t waste your time calling the Mayor. Save your energy to get someone else for the job this November.

Don’t know who your council member is? Use this page.

You can watch what happens tomorrow (Wednesday) at the Mayor’s Special Meeting here.

Best yet, come on down to City Hall tomorrow (Wednesday) starting at 3 pm. We’ll be handing out suckers.

Ora Houston = 512-978-2101
Delia Garza = 512-978-2102
Pio Renteria = 512-978-2103
Greg Casar = 512-978-2104
Ann Kitchen = 512-978-2105
Jimmy Flannigan = 512-978-2106
Leslie Pool = 512-978-2107
Ellen Troxclair = 512-978-2108
Kathie Tovo = 512-978-2109
Alison Alter = 512-978-2110

Or EMAIL by completing this online form:

Got questions? Call or email us or come see us tomorrow and – for sure – on Thursday night. We could all use a beer and a few laughs over this laughable deal.