The Opticos Team developing this major overhaul of Austin’s land development code, promised to get ‘er done for $2 million. Last Thursday, the Council majority gave Opticos $2 million more – for a new total of $8 million. What did they produce? CodeWreck, according to ace planner Jim Duncan.

Duncan, a nationally renowned planning consultant who lives in Austin, gave the city all kinds of advice on how to streamline the code that determine what can be build where in the city. Duncan’s plan allows for more density…but within reason. But the perpetual hogs at the public trough in the real estate lobby (read: land speculators) have apparently decided they wanted it all – density and sprawl.

Now we have 1387 pages — about the length of War and Peace — indicating monumental disrespect for the citizens of Austin. This is why we want to let Austin decide by putting CodeNEXT on the ballot for a public vote.

Be sure to review CodeNEXT or CodeWRECK, Jim Duncan

Ready to Print out that CodeNEXT petition, go here ===>> Mail it or bring it to us at any upcoming events on our “Find Us” page.

What does this spell for Austin? San Francisco at least has rent control. Oh, did we mention that Opticos is San Francisco based?

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