You know when people play dirty tricks on you, you must be doing something right, right?

As soon as our “Sucker Soccer” Stadium petition hit the news (and it did — BIG! — last Thursday), someone stole our logo and set up an account to mimic us on Twitter. (This is really us on Twitter.) Their “fun and games” are downright asinine, but so is this stadium for that matter.

We have complained to Twitter and suspect the site will be taken down soon. So, why are we telling you this?

While their games can harm Austin, we at IndyAustin plan to have some fun playing political games to benefit Austin this Friday night!

Join us at Big Daddy’s on Friday from 6 to 8 pm: 

Details here.

AND! Whoever brings in the most signatures gets $100!

Here’s our Facebook Event Page — please share it and leave a comment.

The Adler majority — 7 out of 11 council members — voted to send the largest tax subsidy (or “exemption of property taxes”) in Austin’s history for a soccer stadium on public land behind closed doors for negotiation AND execution. In other words, the final deal will never be voted on by the City Council, much less Austin voters!

At the last party Peter won “best slogan” for the Adler Currency (not worth the paper it’s written on): “Good Luck in Your New Job, Steve!” Unfortunately, Peter just got a cheap slap on the back because that’s all we could afford given Austin rents and property taxes.

Are you up to some fun and games booting Adler and his sucker stadium?

Good luck in your new job, Steve!

Seriously, we hope to see you and your friends for a few drinks, laughs and game planning of our own to take back Austin.